Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. I've had true intent on the weekends, but somehow time gets away from me.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and a time for giving thanks. I have a small list of what I'm giving thanks for:
  • Life, breathing, living
  • My dear husband, who I cherish with all my heart
  • My family and friends
  • my health and my job and the ability to help provide for my family
  • my job provides the ability to feed my passion (knitting, spinning, etc) and having a 4-day weekend to spend time on my passion
  • ability to see so that I can read and play with needles and spindles
  • the use of all my fingers and toes
  • ability to connect to the internet even though I'm out in the middle of nowhere
  • the list goes on........
I have been getting some knitting done and some finished projects.
I think I mentioned in the last post that I finished the Yoked Cardigan. The adult size for me. I hadn't posted any pictures of it and these aren't the best, but all I can come up with.  There is no pink in the middle of the sweater, it's just the lighting. It's a baby blue color in Queensland Bebe Cotsoy. It's very soft, it flows well and it sheds a lot.  It's all over my black slacks by the end of the day, but I love it.  My first finished sweater just for me.

The next sweater top I've been working on is the Mudita. I'm making a few modifications to it, but the top of the pattern (raglan shaping) I've kept the same. I've changed up the 2x2 ribbing so it wouldn't hug my middle section.  I'm probably 3/4 of the way through it now. This yarn is Berroco Touche which I believe has been discontinued.
As I was pawing through my yarn stash, in addition to finding some yarn to donate to Chris' prayer shawl ministry, I found a WIP bag. It was holding an almost finished triangular shawl on the needles (wondered where these needles were) and 4 balls of yarn left. No time like the present to finish up a WIP, right?  I decided to pull 2 of the balls out and make a Wham Bam Cowl. The shawl itself I'll probably donate to Hospice. I'll post a pic of the shawl once that is completed.  I just started the 2nd ball for the cowl so it won't have much more to go.  This is knit with Plymouth Expressions which is also discontinued (according to Ravelry)

So this weekend I'll finish the shawl and the cowl and will also work on the Mudita. I'm also going full speed ahead on the log cabin blanket with my project leftovers and handspun.  I'll try to post of it's progress sometime over these 4 days. 
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and turkey with all the fixins'.


captainhook said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful--most of the things on your list are on my list too. And you're on there! Happy Thanksknitting as well.
ChelleC said…
Hi! Happy Thanksgiving. I really enjoy your blog. There is much to be grateful for. Thanks for continuing to blog, I have neglected mine a lot but will try to post again soon myself. Blessings to you and your family on Thanksgiving. I am growing out my gray again. Chelle
Liana said…
Thanks for your kind comments. I do enjoy blogging and plan to continue. Reyna, it's always wonderful to hear from you and look forward to seeing you when you come to town.

Chelle, I'm looking forward to seeing your transformation back to gray! Embrace the gray. :-) So happy you enjoy my blog.