Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noel

Yep, it happened. Terribly sick right before the holiday. Now DH has it too. We both sound pitiful. We both feel pitiful. Lots of hot soup, cough medicine, alka seltzer plus cold medicine, and Sucrets. I like Sucrets because it numbs the throat a little, lasts longer. So, I've been home sick from work. I will not make it to the grocery for Christmas, luckily my pantry and freezer are both full. I will not prepare a traditional holiday dinner, but it will be yummy nonetheless. I was able to spend about 30 minutes spinning on my 3lb bag of fiber yesterday before I had to go have a lie-down. It's really been fun but I'm just not able to sit up for long.

I'm gathering my thoughts for inspirational ideas for 2015 as well as my recap of 2014.

So, all that said, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.


Jackie said…
I hope you're feeling much better soon! It sounds like you're making the best of the situation.
captainhook said…
Bummer! Hope you're feeling much better by now. We had a big power outage on Christmas morning and didn't get it back until late the next day. Very happy I didn't get sick! It was chilly!