Spinning round and round in color heaven

It has been a little while since I sat down to spin. I had purchased some fiber on Etsy and rather than it being a 4 oz braid, I purchased some leftovers. Leftovers consisting of mixed BFL and merino. They are all kinds of different colors: yellows, blues, reds, purples, greens......the list goes on.  I had originally planned to place them on my blending board but then yesterday thought that I would just spin them woolen as I usually do. So I sat down with the big bag in front of me and I started spinning and picking colors somewhat randomly. I spun for a couple of hours and then had to stop because hubby and I were going to see A Christmas Carol. It was fabulous!  So, back home by 10:30ish and I thought I would go ahead and 2-ply what little I had spun to see what it was going to look like.  I love it!!!

So here is the 15-gallon tub of fiber remnants:


Here is the 86 yard 2-ply sample.
I'm having fun so I think I'll continue.  What do you think??


Chris said…
I absolutely love this!!
Kathy... said…
Looks like so much fun! I have bought similar quantities of fiber before.....lots of opportunities.
FeltByRae said…
Ohhh... so pretty! I do felting so have lots of wool-tops/fibres and would love to spin some up for my son's girlfriend who is a knitter