2015 - A New Year with lots of possibilities

Wow, another year has passed. Time is flying and each year that goes by is just one year closer to retirement.

How I envision retirement:
  1. more time to spend with my hubby
  2. more time to work on my hobbies
  3. more time to do a bit of traveling
#1 goes without saying. We are planning to retire at the same time and that way we won't be limited to just weekends and long holiday weekends.  Evening time at the moment is limited what with commuting, cooking dinner, eating and then cleaning up, that leaves little time. I really don't see how people do it who have children.

#2. Hobbies. mostly spinning and knitting at the moment. I'd like to do some weaving, but weekends just don't have enough time for that. I look forward to not having to cram everything in 2 days.  On top of that one has to make time for Ravelry and Pinterest. I get on Ravelry to update my Projects page, but then I have to look and see what my friends are doing, then look at some patterns because I don't have enough of them, and next thing you know I've spent hours on Ravelry. Yep, could have been spinning or knitting instead, but you gotta do it.

#3. Traveling. Yes, we'd like to do more even if it's just a weekend away (or during the week)

OK, so on to what I've been doing.

I've been sewing a little bit. I bought some Bento bags on Etsy in wonderful linen.
I decided I wanted to make my own.

This cranberry one is a small one I purchased on Etsy. It's perfect for one project.  I also bought a larger one in a natural color linen.

 I made this one with a bandana. Again, perfect for one project.

 I also made the black and red polka dot one. I love them!!!!

I went by the LYS on New Year's Eve. I've been very good on my unofficial yarn diet. I've been burning through some stash and thought it might be fun to go to the yarn shop. I made some purchases. Imagine that.  1) I bought a new bag.  2) I bought some yarn for an infinity scarf 3) I bought some yarn for the Adama Cowl. 4) I bought some yarn on sale.  I don't have pictures of all the yarn yet.

So here are some pics to go with the above:
#1 - The Bag.  you can see that my little bento bags fit perfectly in the new bag. It has 8 tall pockets on the outside. Also has a nice carrying handle.

#3 - the yarn for the Adama Cowl.
I also purchased some yarn from The Yarn Company in NYC.  This is the wonderful yarn shop I went to last June when we went to NYC. It's a wonderful shop. I'm going to make the Zipper Scarf.
That's it for now.



Jackie said…
Happy New Year!

I envision more time at retirement but many people say that it just isn't so. I'm still looking forward to it!
Christina said…
Love the bento bags....perfect project bags.
Kathy... said…
Retirement is wonderful! Hang in there!! it is exactly what you make of it. Some of our days are so busy, and others are just R&R! Total enjoyment and well deserved!

Love the Bento Bags. I've been looking at tutorials this morning. Think I'll make some too. Thanks. Oh....and Happy New Year!
LeAnn said…
I love my Jolly Roger bento bag. Thank you. It's the perfect sock bag.