Long time, no see

Yeah, it's been 6 months since I blogged. I'm back now though. In the meantime, this week, I passed another milestone.........9 years I've been writing in this blog. So back to it I say!!!  Facebook and Instagram sort of distracted me but blogging is a different beast and I will try to do that at least 1 weekend out of the month.

In the 6 month leave of absence, I attended Stitches South which was in Nashville this year. I think it was very successful. I didn't overspend and I bought some worthwhile stuff. Some fiber, some yarn for specific projects and a woven poncho. I did not buy any miscellaneous balls of yarn just because they looked pretty, what I purchased had a purpose.  I also took a Dyeing with Koolaid class, how fun was that!  We packed a lot in that hour and I came away with a cake of yarn that looks like an Easter egg.
Memorial Day weekend was the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival. We had great weather this year, not too hot and low humidity. Couldn't get any better than that! I came away with some fiber and a miniature niddy-noddy that measures 24" per wrap. Great for sampling.
Otherwise, I've been spinning and knitting. I was perusing the hobby closet where some of my yarn sits and I found that I had a lot of cotton.  So I started a blanket for me. It will be a mishmash of colors, mostly pastels, but with small bursts of other colors mixed in.  I'm using mostly the softer cottons like Cotton Tots and Hobby Lobby's I love This Cotton.  I don't find that the Peaches and Crème and Lion Brand Cotton is very soft, so I'll keep it for dishcloths.  I'm working on a couple of scarves, a small shawl that I bought at Stitches, and lots of spinning.

We also picked up 3 new kittens over Memorial Day weekend. They are 7.5 weeks old and just so cute! We've never had kittens this young for outside, so they are taking a little extra care to protect them.

That's it for now.


Jackie said…
So nice to see you in this space again! The yarn you dyed is great! Just found you on Instagram!
Jackie said…
So nice to see you in this space again! The yarn you dyed is great! Just found you on Instagram!
captainhook said…
Hey, welcome back to the blogosphere! I have been thinking of you! Love the stuff you dyed, btw.