Knitting, weaving and spinning

I have been working on projects galore. My mind is on overload with everything I want to work on. Do I want to spin today? or maybe weave? Knitting I usually reserve for evenings in front of the TV. However, at the end of July we are cancelling Directv and going without completely. I live too far away from town to get a signal without an antenna and we had decided that we were paying to much per month to watch 2-3 channels.  So we can stream maybe 2-3 movies a month and not overrun our allotted time from the internet provider. So I will be spending more time in the evenings hopefully doing a little reading, spinning or whatever. The main thing is no more wasted time sitting in front of the TV.

So, I was working on a project from a kit I ordered from the yarn shop in NY. I love the way the project looked at their page. I couldn't control the color of the yarn I received and that may be part of the problem. Anyway, I knit it up and I'm not feeling the love. I ran out of yarn before I was supposed to and I didn't even make it as long as the pattern called for.  So, I'm not feeling the love as to the way the colors went together. I've been letting it sit there until I decided what I wanted to do with it. I think now that I will take it apart and just add it to my on-going blanket. I just don't know what else I could do with it.  Your thoughts?

So I've also gotten on a weaving kick. Who knows why?  First off I decided to use up some cotton stash. I still have lots more cotton to go through. I must have bought a ton of cotton when I was making baby bibs and dishcloths back in 2006-08. I quit doing those and moved up to doing more for me and hence, lots of cotton in the stash. Well, this project didn't use as much as I thought it would but it was enjoyable. It allowed me to play a little with how hard I beat each row. some were more balanced, some were tighter and some were looser. I was playing to see the result. I used the full width of my Cricket, which isn't very big, and I forgot the length. Anyway, I made one long roll, and then I zigzagged with my sewing machine so I could cut it and make 3 individual towels. I then seamed the edges for a clean edge. It will make for a quick hand towel. Overall, I think it's a do over.

Then I started on a narrower piece using some sock yarn I've had for years. Wildfoote.
I made a long scarf and I really like it.

As for spinning, I finished a skein that I'm absolutely in love with. It's a merino blend in a deep blue that I bought at Stitches in Atlanta in 2014 from Shaky Fibers. This fiber was an absolute delight to spin.  I spun 2 singles and then plied them with a Japanese silk thread in white. I love it!!

So, since I didn't have enough projects on the needles, I bought yarn for a new project at my local yarn shop on Thursday.  It's a kit by Wonderland Yarns. Hand-dyed by Frabjous Fibers. I'm making the Asymmetrical Shawl which stripes garter stitch in a main color and a mesh stitch with a different color.   It's called the Messenger Shawl and you can see the store sample here. (link)

That's about it for now. The Tour de France (fleece) is almost over. It's been a good race this year, as always.  This may be our last year to watch it unless we break down some time during the year and sign back up for Directv. Who knows.