Embrace the stash

5 toes, starting with the big toe.  The 2nd toe has arthritis and likes to sit on top of the edge of the big toe, which irritates the big toe. I've tried all kinds of things to stop that irritation.  The best solution so far had been to wrap the big toe with a used dryer sheet. Hence the desire to make a new sock with a separate big toe.  I have the pattern written down now and my first pair is finished. It's a vanilla pattern and one I won't have to think about. I aspire to make 6 this year, if not more. I want to get rid of the other socks that don't fit the humpy leg so I'm cleaning out the sock drawer. 

In addition to the new big toe, I also found a short-row heel that I have fallen in love with, the german short-row heel.  You can watch videos of it on YouTube, and here is one to start with.

This is my first completed project for 2016.  I have another project that I started in 2014 that I bound off yesterday and I'm making some changes to the sleeves.  The jury is out on whether I like the end result, but it'll be ok, even if I only where it around the house.

Hubby and I took a little trip last weekend in order to stay at a Marriott, otherwise he was going to lose all his points. So I picked a spot to go to and we drove down the Natchez Trace Parkway. We crossed the Tennessee River and it was beautiful.  We stopped at several overlooks but we didn't get out to walk any nature trails.


The first snow happened within one day of the first snow last year.  We got it on Jan 23rd last year and the 24th this year. How funny. It dumped a lot more this year though.  We got our big one last year in mid-February, so we'll see what happens in the next month.  This picture was from Friday.

This is looking out from my knitting corner this morning.


So back to the title of this post.  Embrace the stash.  Yep, embrace what you have and add a little to it from time to time.  There may come a time when you are unable to afford to buy more yarn, so why try to rush through it?  Buy a new ball or two every now and then, there is no police that will come take you or your stash away.  Call it your 401Y retirement plan. (Y obviously stands for yarn)  Granted there is no tax benefit from this plan, other than you buy it now and maybe the sales tax goes up in the future, and alas, look, you've paid less tax on your past purchases. :-)  Being unable to afford more yarn could be due to any reason, could be medical, loss of a job and in my case a looming retirement plan.  If funds get tight, you still have yarn to play with or actually yarn and fiber in my case. So find a place to stash it, consider your house a bank. If you have to hide it cause you are out of room in our craft area, then you may want to create a log in Word or Excel to remind you where you've stashed it.  So embrace your stash today.


LeAnn Lewis said…
Good morning, my fibery friend! I figured, if we could barely get out of the woods yesterday, you were certainly snowbound. Love the mitten socks. Very inventive. I've been knitting the last couple of days, too. Hoping that my mojo is emerging. Miss you!
captainhook said…
Love the socks, love the pics of the snow, and love the 401Y!