Sock Knitting and a goodbye to Oscar

In anticipation of my goal of 6 pairs or more of socks in 2016, I have armed myself with different sock yarn. I still have some in my stash, but I also have some new. I also have some dark solid colors for those somber moments. I don't work at a bank anymore that required no outlandish socks because it's not professional, so I can get a little wilder in my sock wearing.  This is a sampler of what's to come.

These are the Magic Stripe socks.  I did a german short-row heel in garter stitch and I really like it. The german short-row is my go to heel now. I could say forever but that's a long time. This one is a no-brainer for me. I no longer have to say "oh, it's knit night and I'm at the heel now, so I'll have to do it later when I have peace and quiet".  I can do it and chat and not worry about it.  So I have one sock nearly done and the 2nd one started.  I'm at the heel on another 1st sock too, so I'm moving right along.  I still need to clean out the sock-drawer and remove all the store-bought socks that I will not wear.  This is the year for just hand-knit socks.
I wanted a slouchy hat. I resisted for a while but decided I wanted one and wanted to do it in handspun.  This is falkland fiber that I spun several years ago.  It's more brown and green, which I don't normally wear, but decided to give it a go.  This is the Rikke hat, garter stitch in the round.  

While I'm liking the pattern, the yarn isn't right for the project. I will continue but it's probably not going to slouch, it's too firm for that. So I will continue as it fits nicely. I may end it before it gets too long though and make it more of a somewhat fitted hat.  I will find a more suitable yarn for slouching and cast on again.

 With the advent of sock-knitting and having more than one going at a time, I have a new bag purchased on Etsy.  Love that it has coffee reminders all over it.

 and as for spinning......I haven't been doing any lately. My right shoulder was really irritated and I was going to be in pain. So, I've changed a little of my knitting process which aggravates it less, and I need to work on my spinning arm motion. So, this is next up. merino/bamboo and I'm totally loving the yellow and different variations of blue. I can't wait to start.

and finally, a tribute to my dear sweet Oscar. He had the best personality for an outdoor farm cat. He was so lovable and yet so fierce when it came to mice and moles.  He went quickly. He was only a 2.5 years old but he got sick. I don't know if it was a mouse he ate that had ingested mouse poison, of if it was something hereditary. I just know on Thursday he couldn't move, luckily he was in his little house with a comfy bed. By Saturday morning, he was gone. I'll miss him.


Chris said…
Beautiful projects! Keep up that sock knitting. :)

So sorry to hear about Oscar. What a beautiful boy!
Jackie said…
So sorry to hear of the loss of your dear Oscar. We lost Cody on the 22nd - maybe they're playing together and watching over us. Sending you hugs.
captainhook said…
Sorry to hear about the kitty. Always so sad to lose our furry friends. (Is that why I hoard yarn?!)
LeAnn Lewis said…
What? Breaking out of the blue? I love love love the striped socks!

I'm sorry to hear about poor Oscar. It's hard to lose a pet.