Father's Day weekend

I've already spoken to my Dad today to wish him a Happy Father's Day. He lives in another state but he's on my mind. Sending him happy thoughts!!

Yesterday, I spent the day in the hobby room, working on a woven wall hanging. This activity is like "painting" on a blank canvas. All you have is the warp and it's ready to design. whew! that's challenging. But once you get going, and you have a box full of fun fibers sitting next to you, well, it's just a matter of grabbing one and going to town. Totally free-form, you just have to make sure and lock down the free-form weaves every now and then with a couple of rows of standard over and under.  I used a little bit of nubby yarn, some unspun fiber, and a lot of leftover yarn.  Fun to make fringes and loops etc. I need to make the next one less busy with different colors and more plain weave so that you can actually see the loops and special stitches.  This one turned out a little busy but I still like it. I made a homemade frame using an old picture frame I had purchased somewhere for like $1 or $2.  Last weekend, I followed instructions on how to space the nails, marked them and then began nailing. Last Sunday I warped it and then on Saturday, I started creating.

I also have some finished projects. 
The first one is Fiona.  This was a surprise knit and it has been given to the recipient, so now I can blog about it.  This was knit with a light fingering weight yarn for a 24 month old. Relatively easy pattern to remember once you get past the increases. I did not knit in the round, but the next one I will. There are comments from other knitters on how they did it in the round, the pattern is written for seaming front and back together.

Next up is the Chevron Scarf.  Written to be a Cowl, but I wanted a scarf. I loved how this one turned out. This was so much fun to knit, it was like eating a potato chip, I couldn't knit just one row. I kept going, and going, and going.
The color is handspun from the 3 lb bag of fiber I had spun. The cream color is Malabrigo Sock. Love it!

Otherwise, I still have socks on the needles and a few other scarves and cowls. Many projects are being bounced around in my head but haven't landed on any just yet. Lists are being made!!!