Beautiful weekend weather a-comin'

OMG!!!! It's supposed to be sunny and 65 today, sunny and 70 on Saturday and sunny and 72 on Sunday!!  This beautiful forecasted weather after a nasty cold and rainy Thursday.  I plan on sitting outside, doing a little spinning, a little knitting, and catching a few sun rays.  I will get some walking done in all that relaxing too.

Update on the knee replacement. All is well. I have one more PT visit before I see the Doc on Wednesday for the 6 week followup. Yep, it'll be 6 weeks on Tuesday since surgery. It does seem to have flown, but that's probably the fog of pain pills still talking.  Although I'm down to just one per day, I know they are still in my system.  The knee is doing well, although I still have work to do on my walking gait. After more than 5 years of waddling due to pain, I have no strength in my hips nor quads. So we have really been working on strengthening them. I need to practice walking to work on my gait and to build up some stamina before I head back to work.  OK, enough said about this topic. are some pics of the finished projects from a previous post.  The Japanese Knot Project bag.  Designed by my good friend Meg.  I changed the handles a little bit from the pattern, but other than that I followed the pattern exactly and it was well written. This is knit with my handspun from last year's spinning retreat at DuBose and the fiber is from Daily Fibers, called Green Apples. Jan does such beautiful dyeing and it's always a pleasure to work with her fiber.  She now has an Etsy shop so check it out.  Spinning the green was so out of my comfort zone which is why I decided to try it, and I really like it. I started with 450 yards and I'm not exactly sure how many yards it took to make this bag. I should have weighed the yarn before and after but I forgot to do it.  I love the way it striped.
The next FO is the Glittery Garter stitch scarf. (previously posted here)  This was an easy 14 stitch garter stitch pattern using size 10 needles. It is soft, airy and just a little glittery. Not too much, just enough.  This may end up as a going away gift, not sure yet. I love the way it turned out.
I slipped the first stitch knitwise and it gives a nice smooth edging to it.

I finally started the Summer Flies Again shawl.  A bigger version of the Summer Flies shawl. That is just one of my most favorite shawl patterns.  I'm using Lana Grossa Evento. It's a burgundy color with black fuzzies. Hard to describe.

Otherwise, I've been working on some charity knitting. I've gone through some old WIP's and one or two I've decided to frog because I no longer want to knit them and if I did end up finishing it, I probably wouldn't wear it.  Frogging = freedom!
That's it for now as it is beautiful outside and I'm going to go out and enjoy!


LeAnn said…
That bag reminds me of the Dumpling bag from a few years ago. Love it! Love the green too. Been thinking that I need to branch out into green.

The scarf is lovely, too. But, blue? You never wear blue! ;)

And that summer flies looks A LOT like mine. We'll have to wear them to knit group one day.
Schulz Family said…
visiting from sew darn crafty. Love the shawl you are doing
captainhook said…
Hey, hope you're enjoying the lovely weather weekend!

Love the colors of all the projects you're making.