On the road again

I'm heading out to southern Georgia today to see my brother and his family. It will be a nice long drive, perfect for listening to my audiobooks in addition to a little satellite radio time.  Unfortunately, I'm driving alone, so no knitting time.  I'm taking my knitting with me but I rarely have the opportunity to do any knitting while I'm there visiting.

I do have some FO's though. Some of the ones I mentioned in this post.  So I finished the triangular shawl and the Chevron blanket and gave those to Christina for donating to Hospice. It was great to get those WIP's turned into FO's and outta the house. The picture of the shawl doesn't do it justice. The yarn is a thick and thin and very cushy. Someone will like it I know! 

The chevron blanket was originally started to be a car seat blanket, but it can be used otherwise. The pattern was easy. I did a 5 stitch garter edge on the sides, then this pattern repeat across: (KFB, K4, [Slip1KW, K2 tog, PSSO], K4, KFB).  Purl on the wrong side except for border stitches.

The One Plus cardigan was knit with Katia Jamaica. It was the perfect yarn for this as it retained the striping in the cardigan. I really like it. It just needs a button now. It's for a friend who wanted to give it to her granddaughter for Christmas, she's 18 mths old.

I've also started the Sweet Memories Cowl in the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. So far I'm enjoying it. I think it's the perfect pattern for the yarn.

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Kelly Casanova said…
Wow, that's a lot of knitting! I usually only attempt one knitting project at a time as it takes me so long. I love the striped cardigan :)
Christina said…
Thank you for the donations. They're beautiful and have already made their way to some special.