Tour de France - Tour de Fleece 2016

Another year has rolled around for the Tour de France. DH and I have watched this fabulous race for the last 20+ years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  We made a decision last year to disconnect from satellite/cable and really haven't missed it........until now. I am sad that I won't be watching actual coverage this year, but I will keep up with it online.  Another exciting road trip planned as they go into Andorra and Switzerland as well.  While I have some misgivings of the Tour going into other countries, those two should be good because of the mountains.

Here's a view of the map for 2016.

This one is a view from a mountain stage last year.  You see the road below the mountain in the top left of the picture.  The french created this Z road to get to the top of this mountain because the other route available to get to the top was a very long way around. This road just scales the mountain. Is this not unbelievable???

So have you started the Tour de Fleece?  I spun a little on my Trindle today.  One of my goals on this Tour de Fleece is to do some core spinning.

I've also been working on another woven wall hanging.  I am overcoming the "blank canvas" fear. It's not as daunting and it's getting easier to create. I have gotten inspiration from many different sources, alot of them on Instagram.  Here's one I warped last weekend and then started weaving on yesterday.  Not sure how I'll finish it off yet, but I'm pleased with it so far.

Otherwise, as to knitting. I've started a baby sweater using Berroco Modern Cotton.  This yarn is delicious to work with. It feels glorious in my fingers. Some might consider it to be splitty but I'm not a fast knitter and I usually look at my knitting (noun) while I'm knitting (verb) so I'm pretty good about not splitting my yarn. :-) 

I've also been getting the sewing bug, whether it's doing some quilting (hand piecing) or some clothing. Time will tell.  OK, I'm getting off the computer! 


captainhook said…
Love the wall hangings! Real artistry.