Tour de France - Tour de Fleece 2016

Another year has rolled around for the Tour de France. DH and I have watched this fabulous race for the last 20+ years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  We made a decision last year to disconnect from satellite/cable and really haven't missed it........until now. I am sad that I won't be watching actual coverage this year, but I will keep up with it online.  Another exciting road trip planned as they go into Andorra and Switzerland as well.  While I have some misgivings of the Tour going into other countries, those two should be good because of the mountains.

Here's a view of the map for 2016.

This one is a view from a mountain stage last year.  You see the road below the mountain in the top left of the picture.  The french created this Z road to get to the top of this mountain because the other route available to get to the top was a very long way around. This road just scales the mountain. Is this not unbelievable???

So have you started the Tour de Fleece?  I spun a little on my Trindle today.  One of my goals on this Tour de Fleece is to do some core spinning.

I've also been working on another woven wall hanging.  I am overcoming the "blank canvas" fear. It's not as daunting and it's getting easier to create. I have gotten inspiration from many different sources, alot of them on Instagram.  Here's one I warped last weekend and then started weaving on yesterday.  Not sure how I'll finish it off yet, but I'm pleased with it so far.

Otherwise, as to knitting. I've started a baby sweater using Berroco Modern Cotton.  This yarn is delicious to work with. It feels glorious in my fingers. Some might consider it to be splitty but I'm not a fast knitter and I usually look at my knitting (noun) while I'm knitting (verb) so I'm pretty good about not splitting my yarn. :-) 

I've also been getting the sewing bug, whether it's doing some quilting (hand piecing) or some clothing. Time will tell.  OK, I'm getting off the computer! 

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captainhook said...

Love the wall hangings! Real artistry.