A plethora of things to discuss

I'm not going to make this another post about snow. However, I took the picture below on Monday only 2 hours after it had started snowing and we already had 3 inches. We ended up with about 5.5 inches. It was too cold to melt away yesterday and I still have a bunch out there and they are predicting about 2 more inches today. Is Al Gore smoking crack? What does he mean when he says we have a global warming problem? This has been the snowiest season that I can remember to date.
I have been playing with drop spindling for what.......2 years now? maybe longer? The interest didn't really take hold and it never seemed very relaxing until something clicked just recently. Now maybe it's because I'm not working, I'm less stressed and maybe that has contributed to my not holding the roving with a death grip. not sure.

I've also found out that I naturally like to spin lace weight and I was trying to do that on a heavy spindle. No wonder the spindle kept dropping, I mean literally dropping. I know it's called a drop spindle, but seriously folks. OK, so I went to a lighter weight spindle, the trindle (16 grams), which I purchased at Stitches South in 2009. I love that spindle. I've now got 2 singles of a merino/tussah silk blend ready to ply, as seen here.

However, since I had never plied before, I didn't want to take a chance on ruining 2 singles that I was really proud of. I wanted to practice plying on some singles that I hadn't liked as well. The singles of this peruvian wool were spun on a spindle weighing 41 grams, a picture can be seen here. Now, what I jokingly have to remember is that while spinning these singles, I couldn't remember from one time to another whether I was spinning clockwise or counter clockwise and I think that is reflected in the plied yarn because I believe some of the twists got cancelled out. Too funny and I can't believe I'm the only new spinner that has done that. Own up to it you spinners!! I have since learned the importance of maintaining one method and am now sticking to spinning clockwise and plying counter-clockwise, at least until Alzheimers kicks in. So, per the recommendation of Abby Franquemont of Respect the Spindle fame, I wound the 2 singles together around a ball and then I plied from that ball, which worked beautifully, thanks Abby!!! I then washed the skein and waited 3-4 days for it to dry and hence the result. I grin every time I look at it. I'm thrilled. It's only 68 yards but it's amazing what a little bath will do for it.
To further enhance my laceweight spinning, I've acquired another spindle. This wee baby only weighs in at 10 grams and spins like a top. It's a mini-Turkish called a Kuchulu handmade by Ed Jenkins of Jenkins Woodworking. Let me tell you, it is FUN to spin with this baby.
Are you asking if I've done any knitting???? Yes, I have, although not as much lately because I've been sick. But I did finish that Storm Cloud Shawlette that I blogged about here. It drapes beautifully around the front and gives great coverage on the back.
I purchased the skein of Helen's Lace by Lorna's Laces to make the Pie-Wedge Shawl which is a free pattern on the label. The shop model at Haus of Yarn was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't resist. I have too many projects on the needles right now to start this, but updates will be forthcoming.


Kathy... said…
Lovely...the spinning, the knitting, and (yes) even the snow! :)
Christina said…
You're doing great with your spinning. I sping counter clockwise and ply clockwise...just have to stay the course.
Jackie said…
Look at you with the spindling! WOW! You're doing wonderfully. Sticking with it really paid off!
Rebecca said…
you're a productive little hibernator! great job on teh spinning and shawl