Another Odessa update

I finished the lavender Odessa but haven't taken a final photo of it yet. Meanwhile, I have taken a beaded scarf class at my LYS, Angel Hair Yarn Company, and getting the knack of the beads made me bold in attempting the Odessa with beads. I love the outcome and will definitely do another. Here is the picture of the Odessa with beads. It's done in Lion Brand Microspun, ecru with pearl beads 6-0.

Odessa update

This is the beginning of the Odessa as of Sunday morning. I cast on at my Noontime Knitsters group on Friday and then worked on it some Friday night and Saturday night.

Then on Sunday I had planned to work on the computer and lo and behold my computer wasn't working right. So while hubby worked on my computer, I knit!!!
By Sunday afternoon, I had gotten this far and I have started the decrease rows.
I love this pattern, it's fun.

Notice the difference in color??? The first picture was taken at home in my hobby room with incandescent light. The second picture was taken at my office in fluorescent light. The color is actually a lavender color, so you decide which one may be mor accurate.

The Odessa KAL

In addition to other members of the Caps for a Cure group, I will be casting on for the Odessa cap to be knitted in a beautiful soft purple cotton fleece. I will be posting my progress as I go along. It's a very interesting swirly pattern and I'm told you have to really pay attention to the pattern as you knit. (Does that mean I won't be able to talk or watch television as I knit this??)