Gotta love 3-day weekends

I love October!! We would typically be having cool weather by now and while we had a little bit of it a couple of weeks ago, we are back to warm and humid. It's rained all weekend and it's been gray, but there have been little spurts of dry where you could go outside (stick to pavement, concrete or deck) and enjoy the fog.  It's been a perfect weekend to do some maintenance and updating.

So what have I done?  I've uploaded my knitting, crochet, weaving, quilting, sewing and embroidery books to Ravelry.  What a wonderful database Ravelry provides.  Now when I'm out and about and stalking more knitting books and or patterns, my Ravelry will tell me I already have that book.  It's divine.  Another big project to come, is to go through my pattern containers and indicate on Ravelry that the pattern is in my library.  Why do this???  Perfect example from last week.  I'm at work stalking perusing patterns on Ravelry.  There's one that I've had my eye on for a little bit, so I added it to my cart and bought it.  I was going through my container of patterns yesterday to see what I could upload to Ravelry and I found the same darn pattern. argh!! So I paid for it for no reason. OK, so it's only $5-6, but that's really not the point.  However, that project is a larger undertaking than the books, so it'll be another time.

Knitting?  I finished the Yoked Cardigan for me. I started this over a year ago in May 2013. It went pretty quick initially but then it languished when it was time to do the sleeves.  Then the sleeves were done and it languished again waiting for the button bands. So, Saturday I sat down to do it. It was perfect to do while watching baseball.

I also started the Mudita this week. I had to frog and start over. I didn't like the needle size I was doing.  We'll see if this stays on the needles. In theory I like the pattern, just not sure it will work for my body style. We'll see.  I was looking for a top-down raglan top to make (knit in the round) and it's a little difficult to find one.  Assuming it stays on the needles, I may make some adjustments when it comes time to knit the body.

I need to try on the Charybdis socks so I can determine if I'm at the heel yet.  I've got some things to block and some more things to cast-on.  Chat with you later!!!

Go check out Tami's blog for some WIP's and FO's as well.  There are some great links to see what others are doing.

Fall is in the air

Cooler weather is finally here, at least this weekend. I think we're supposed to have some warm weather again this week, but this weekend has been fabulous.
I had to go into town yesterday to get new brakes, yep, actually had to start my car on the weekend, which I rarely do. Anyway, it was brisk when I left, so I put on the poncho that I finished earlier this year and it was PERFECT!!!  Why did these articles of clothing go out of style?? I don't think I ever wore them in the 70's when I was a teenager, but realize now that I really like them. I may have to make another. let everyone think I'm geeky and out of style.  The best part of being 55 is that I don't care. :-)  Anyway, the poncho was just warm enough on my shoulders and upper back, not confining around the arms like a sweater or a jacket, it was perfect. It will be worn again!!

While waiting on the brake job, I was working on my Charybdis socks. I think I'm at the heel now so I stopped working on them. I need to try them on to make sure.  I left the project in the car, so I don't have any updated photos.

I finished the knitting on the In Threes baby cardigan. It needs blocked, ends woven in and buttons, but it's adorable. It's knit in the Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, so it feels fabulous anyway!

I started another Criminal Knits KAL. This one is called Obsession and it's a 3-triangle shawl or 2-triangle kerchief. I started it in some of my handspun, but I only have enough for the kerchief. It's not feeling as soft as I would like, so I may end up stopping this one and casting on with Chiara and making the shawl size.

Another project that I finished is what I call the Titans Blanket. Titans is the Nashville pro football team and these are pretty much their colors. I used only 2 balls of the Bella Chenille.


At the time I started this I didn't really have a recipient in mind, however, I just found out that my cousin in France is having another baby and while the Titans would mean nothing to her, a blue/white baby bankie may be right up her alley. I don't typically buy this kind of yarn, but I gotta tell ya, it's fluffy and soft. It's a perfect size for a little nap or even a car seat.  The pattern was the granny dishcloth pattern where you start with 3 stitches and increase.....well you know the rest of it.

The other project I work on sporadically is the Kumi Loom.  This particular one came in a kit with the thread and the pendant.  The bobbins are just to keep the threads from tangling.

 The only decision I had to make was he necklace itself, did I want a spiral look or a speckled look.  You get this by how you place the thread on the Kumi Loom.

I opted for the spiral seen below.

This is what the speckled would look like.
(different colors of course)