5-Year Blogiversary

I suddenly realized that today marks the 5th year that I've been blogging about my knitting adventures. My how time flies. A slight recap of those 5 years:
I've met some great knitting buddies, in person, through blogland and of course through Ravelry.
I enjoy reading everyone's blogs and sorry to see that some have gone by the wayside primarily due to Ravelry. I believe that the two serve different purposes, but I totally understand that both take time.
I have taken on new challenges in my knitting and learn something new all the time. In this past year, I have also taken up spinning, which I am totally hooked on. It took a while to catch, but it's here now.
I look forward to making more new friends and keeping up with the old ones.
Meanwhile, knit on! and spin on! and keep blogging!

Knit Pics for prior post

Mizzle Shawl - I've lost my temporary space for blocking until the office is complete, so this is pre-blocking. The ribbed edge made it bunch up in the middle and I'm hoping that blocking will straighten it back out.

This glass shawl pin I purchased at Stitches South 2011.

The Shapely Shawlette.

Working on my PhD (Projects Half Done)

The good thing about the lack of internet is how productive I can be working on my projects. This includes knitting, spinning and household things.

The reorganization of the office at home is almost complete.

1) The bookcases are built and cleaned. 2) The new mini-blinds are almost all installed. 3) The curtains, hooks and the blackout liners are complete. 4) The hardware to hang them has been ordered and should be here by Memorial Day.

Once they are installed, the curtains can be hung, the desks moved to their new home, the books unpacked and placed in the bookcases and I can then sit in my new knitting corner. Pics to come once complete.

As for knitting, I have finished knitting the Mizzle Shawl. This is knit with alpaca Plymouth Earth Ranch in a charcoal color purchased from DBNY. A bag of 10 skeins for $22 and I only used 8 skeins. It's warm and has great coverage. Still needs to be blocked.

I also started and finished the Shapely Shawlette in 2 weeks. This fun pattern is by Judy Pascale and there are several versions of it using her technique. I knit it with Cascade Ultra Pima in a beautiful yellow. I absolutely love this Ultra Pima cotton. It only took 2 skeins and at $10 a skein, this was a great knit.

At Stitches South I also purchased a pattern called the Corkscrew Shawl and I'm knitting that with Fiesta Baby Boom. I have about 20 rows to go before the triangle is complete and then I can start the corkscrews.
As for spinning, I am in love. I still can't believe how much I am loving it now. So far from where I was 2 years ago. It just goes to show you, you just never know. I have been practicing with some different fibers and my knowledge just continues to grow.

An example of playing around with one braid:

I had spun the Stained Glass BFL on my Trindle and spun it to a pretty fine weight. I then spun a pink merino/tussah silk blend and plied it with the first half of the Stained Glass BFL.I then plied the other half of the Stained Glass BFL with a spun single of yellow Merino/Bamboo/Silk that was purchased from Lisa Souza at Stitches South. The yellow was spun on the Hansen a little thicker than I normally spin.
Can you see how the yellow really stands out more than the pink did above?
Then with the remaining Stained Glass BFL, I tried my hand at Navajo plying. So you can see the different effects you can get with just one braid that is plied with other fiber. Fabulous options!!!

The turquoise one here is a mixed BFL from Daily Fibers. Love her stuff!

Internet Service or the lack thereof

Since the tornadic storms began in early April, my internet service has been splotchy to none at all. We've changed modems several times, AT&T has updated wiring, etc. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

Meanwhile, I've been to Stitches South, so I've added to my fiber stash, yarn and roving. I bought quite a few braids from Gale's Art, her stuff rocks!! Also bought a luscious braid from Creatively Dyed Yarn as well as some half price gorgeous yarn. We had a blast, never left the hotel/convention site. We met up with friends that I met last year from Colorado Springs and met new friends. Great classes, especially Japanese Short Rows with Susanna Hansson.

I've been spinning with my Hansen MiniSpinner, which I've named Cooper. Why? you ask....because MiniSpinner, Mini Cooper, hence Cooper. plus I like it. So I've been spinning Cormo Cross, merino/tussah silk/bamboo, Corriedale, and soon to spin....Polwarth.

Pictures will be forthcoming once I'm sure my internet connection is good.