April is one day away

Does that mean Spring is around the corner?  Last week was a bizarre week. We had 60's last weekend and then snow on Tuesday.  It's didn't stay around but it covered the ground. It was crazy.  Today...in the 60's again and it's beautiful.

I finished my Linen Stitch scarf just in time. I was able to wear it (unblocked) on Wednesday and it was perfect.  I enjoyed knitting it, but I was happy to get it over with.  I am very pleased with the results though.  Today was a perfect day to get some pictures.
The countdown to Stitches South has started. We are sooo excited. There are 4 of us going together and our lists and plans have begun.  Will post again with a recap of that momentous event!

a Snow Day on my Birthday

So it started yesterday afternoon.......ice, and more ice.  By the time I went to bed at 10ish, we had over a half inch of ice and it was still coming.  I woke up at 2ish, looked outside and it was snowing like crazy and you could still hear the ice coming down too.  I had decided by then I was going to take a vacation day from work.  This morning it looks like a winter wonderland and the prediction is 100% snow today.  7:30 AM I get a call to tell me they closed the office.  Yippeeeeeee.

So I don't waste a vacation day, I have a day off and it's my birthday!!!! The double nickel today. woot, woot!!!!

Hubby is here with me, we're making some fresh coffee and I'm not sure what I want to do yet. Do I spin some rolags? Do I make some more rolags? Do I knit and work on my linen stitch scarf?  The day is mine!!