EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

I'm going to be swatching this weekend for the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket with this Jo Sharp DK Cotton. Colorway of yarn: Top left is Currant #234, Top right is Sailboat #219, Bottom is Oyster #235. The Oyster is actually a very, very pale green.
Recommended needle is size 6 US. Care: Gentle hand wash, dry flat in shade. Do not tumble dry and do not dry clean.
The Moda Dea dream poncho is coming along nicely as well as the Crayon bathrobe. So many projects I want to be working on but work always gets in the way. :-)

Wrist warmer and watch! All in One!!

The small project I was working on while driving the tractor yesterday was this wrist warmer and watch all in one.
The other thing I need to show you is my traveling knit kit. I'm going to put a knitting pic on top of this and then glaze it, but for now, you know what it is.

Knitting on the farm :-)

My mother would have cracked up laughing had she seen me yesterday. I lost my mother to cancer over 6 years ago and she never had the opportunity to know how passionate I would become about knitting. My mother was a fabulous knitter and taught me how to knit while I was a little girl, then again as a teenager, but I never did it full time because I couldn't fix errors or pick up dropped stitches. I resorted to crochet because I had one hook and one loop. After she died, I couldn't pick up knitting needles at all and then in late 2004, I picked them up again and I haven't looked back. I am obsessive about knitting now, to the exclusion of all my previous hobbies.

I say all this to get to my point.........yesterday I "helped" pick up rocks around the farm by driving the tractor while DH picked up the rocks and tossed them into the front loader, and yes I had my small project knitting with me, as you can see here. We went from having tornado warnings on Thursday evening to having beautiful weather on Fri, Sat and today as well.
As you can see by this serene scene on my driveway.....

heeeheeee, here I am with my knitting as I drive the tractor!

I'm debating whether I want to drive into Nashville today to the LYS because Cheryl Schaefer is in town. Do I want to drive 60+ miles one way on a day off? mmm, gotta think about that one.
UPDATE: Nope, decided not to leave the peace of the farm.

Socks, socks and more socks

A Finished Object: These socks were knit with Mountain Colors Bearfoot. The pattern is by a local designer, Leah Oakley, and it's called Handpaint Highlights. This was one of the sock patterns for the monthly Sock-a-Long at Nashville LYS Haus of Yarn. Leah leads the SAL group and she has many fabulous sock patterns too. Her designs have been published in several books.

The next SAL sock is the Scrunchie Sock. The yarn I'll be using is Araucania. A hand dyed yarn from Chile. It is 75% Wool and 25% Polyamide. I'm excited to see the color patterning.
I also do the sock-a-long from theknitter.com. The next pattern is Scattered Leaves and the yarn is from Cherry Hill Tree. I still have to wind a ball for it but will get started soon.
I'm also going to be test-knitting some socks for an un-named author and I'll be casting on with Louet Gems in a mauve color.

My Wish List - updated January 2011

In order to keep my own thoughts straight and to help my loved ones know what to buy for me for the holidays and my birthday, I have created this wish list. Some items can be purchased anywhere, others I have linked them to the appropriate website. I know most of the items are knitting related, but that's where my interest lies.

Gift Certificates are always good
from Haus of Yarn
from Webs
from Knitpicks
from Patternworks

Row Counter/Cutter (link to buy)
Fold n Store Bag

Knitters Bookshelf:
DVD’s by Lucy Neatby
-Knitting Gems II
-Knitting Essentials III and IV

Vermont Fiber Designs:
#146 – Collared Pullover

#158 - Cabled Pullover
#159 - Scalloped Edge Pullover
#141 - Twist Rib Long Sleeve Pullover

100 grams for a pair of socks.
So if skeins are 100 grams, only need 1 skein.
If skeins are 50 grams, need 2 skeins.
Louet Gems
Cascade 220

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker (Amazon link)
A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker (Amazon link)
A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker (Amazon link)
The Stitch Collection (Amazon link)

Dell Netbook (10")

Knitting Retreat

Yes, I and two others embarked on a knitting retreat the weekend of August 24-26 in middle TN. All we did was knit and snack. We didn't have the TV on whatsoever. Since LeAnn (fellow paralegal knitter) was so "on top of things" and has already blogged about it so eloquently, I will just link to her blog about our wonderful weekend.

On the needles and seaming...

Catching up with my progress since I haven't had time to post lately. What I've got on the needles right now:

1. Bathrobe from Knitpicks using Crayon yarn, lime green in color. This is a Christmas present for my sister-in-law. Using 2 strands of Crayon throughout on Size 8 needles.

2. Socks, pattern by Leah Oakley, using Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn on size 1 needles.

3. Socks, pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, using Jawoll Lang yarn in navy blue, 2 at once on 2 circulars.

4. Lace scarf, pattern form One-Skein Wonders. Errata in the pattern but easy to figure it out by mimicking the stitches on paper. (can't remember the yarn and can't find the label, but it's lace weight and I'm using Size 8 needles.

5. Ball band dishcloth. Using Sugar n Cream Jewels and Lion Brand cotton in Seaspray. Started out with Size 8 needles and changed to Size 7, I like he Size 7 look much better.

6. Heartbeat Sweater - still on the needles and still just working on the sides. (It's been in time-out)

Pictures showing progress:

This is the completed kimono for a friend of ours who is having a baby girl in November.