I just love finished projects and of course starting new ones

I've had the lovely Storm Cloud Shawlette in my queued projects for awhile now. I purchased some South American Cotton Space Dyed from Punta Yarns for half price from my LYS several weeks back. It's a wonderfully soft chunky cotton.

The pattern and the yarn go surprisingly well together and I'm loving the drapiness of it. I started it last night and I've already completed 46 rows.

As I was perusing the designer's blog, I found her quite interesting. She's a rock climber, she knits, she's working on her PhD and I also realized she had some beautiful photos uploaded. Go and take a look if you get a chance.

I finished the project that was being donated to the Minnie Pearl Silent Auction. Since I didn't know the baby gender, I did buttons back to back so that the parent could choose which button they wanted on the front.I also had a buttonhole on each side so it was gender ready as well.

To complete the set I made the Simple Baby Hat (wonderful pattern) and the booties, my all time favorite bootie pattern. Both in my Ravelry projects.

I've also started and halfway completed the Owl Cowl and Neckwarmer. I picked out the buttons Thursday with the help of my LYS knitsibs. Pics to come of the completed version with buttons but this is what I have done so far.

Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend last year was spent on the beach in Jacksonville, FL. This
year, my brother moved to southern Illinois so I went to visit them in their new digs. Although flying is always fun, it can be a hassle. Now that they are closer, I can drive my own car and pack my own things without worry. I can't knit while I drive, but I think driving has so many more benefits.

It was a nice drive, left about 3:30 Saturday morn and arrived in time for a pot of coffee. Along my way, I see this!

Driving around Springfield, I also noticed other signs similar to this one, but instead of 1940-77 it had like 1923-36, and others that I did not commit to memory. I will have to research as to what this means. It also made me realize how much I don't know about the famous Route 66. How much of the old route has been replaced? Are parts of it cornfields now? Or is it still intact?

My brother and his wife don't normally dress alike, this was really a fluke and we didn't notice it until we saw the picture display. How funny is that!!!I did get a little bit of knitting done while visiting. I've been working on the moderne Log Cabin Lapghan (30"x30") for donation to Alive Hospice. A group of knitsibs and I are doing some preemie hats and blankies and also adult lapghans for Alive Hospice. At the time of this picture it measures 17"x17" so I've got a little ways to go on it. I'm using Plymouth Jeannee on US 9. I love this yarn, why have I not used it before? I am planning on making a sweater for little Gizmo.

He's aging and doesn't like cold weather, course he didn't like hot weather in Florida either. So, since he's now in Illinois, I'm going to make him this sweater. (Rav Link)

You can go to the designers website here, she has many different patterns to pick from.

I'm going to knit it with Plymouth Encore in holiday colors to start.

I'm almost finished with the baby set for the Minnie Pearl Silent Auction. I've completed the knitting of the Baby J Cardigan, it just needs seamed. I've also completed the booties, just needs seamed. I've opted to make an ear flap hat to finish the set. So far, I'm ahead of schedule so I need to cast on for the hat today.