A rare photo opportunity and a new project

Yes, turkeys are plentiful and they are everywhere, especially for those of us who do a lot of driving, especially on country roads. Always having to brake for them aren't we? Turkeys are very skittish birds and it's a rare opportunity to get this close to them to take pics. I apologize for the pics through a window, but these mothers and babies were walking through my front yard, close to the house. I had to seize the oppotunity.

They made it close to the side of the house where I have large palladium windows. I had anticipated them coming this way so I was ready for them.
I made a VERY slight movement, and off they went. My photo opportunity was gone.

Here is the finished photo for the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi with buttons.

I started this project last night using SWTC Tranquility. Of course, it will get added to my Task List in Outlook. I will be making the sleeves mid-length rather than stopping at the bicep. I'm knitting it on 10.75 US so it's going pretty fast. The color is Caribbean. Love it!

I did a gauge swatch using 8, 9 and 10. The yarn calls for 8 which makes a nice tight weave, but I wanted something looser and a little drapier. So far so good.

My UFO list is dwindling

BUT, my new projects list is increasing. As it should be of course.

OK, somewhat electronic geek that I am, I loaded all my current knitting projects on the Task List in Microsoft Outlook. That syncs up to my Smartphone and TADA!!!! The Task List stares at me every day. That Number of uncompleted tasks shouts at me everyday. No, it doesn't stress me out, it actually gives me pleasure because I know that I will soon be knitting something to completion. It also reminds me of different things to work on without forgetting one of them. I can look at the task list and pick which one I want to work on and then go find which bag I've stored it in. It's perfect and keeps me organized.

I've finished knitting Ishbel, it just needs its ends woven in and blocked. I've also added red buttons to the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi and it's adorable. It's going into the "future gifts" box. (Pics to be added later)

As for the Silent Auction baby set, I picked Plymouth's DreamBaby in what I thought was a neutral color. Well....work buds and knitsibs alike say that it's screaming GIRL, but it's too late now. Why does this happen? It's got all the colors, predominantly white, but they tell me that the pink is what stands out. Whatever! Why are we so hell-bent on dressing babies in their appropriate gender colors? Are there really reactions from people out there that if a baby boy is wearing a slight amount of pink that the baby is gay? or that maybe the parents are gay for putting the baby in those colors? Why is it more acceptable for a baby girl to wear blue than it is for a baby boy to wear pink? If people say, what a beautiful boy (and it's a girl), just tell them thank you and move on. You don't have to correct them and make them feel embarrassed. If the people know you then they know its gender anyway, so I just don't get it. Maybe I would had I had children. I just don't know.

Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If you have then you'll know that Julie cooked something everyday for a year from one of Julia Childs cookbooks. Now, I'm not saying that I'll knit something everyday from a knit book, but I have ALOT of knitting books. What I'd like to do is knit at least one item from each of my books. I know I have some books that are mostly reference and will make an adjustment for them, but I have to prove to myself that I'm not just collecting books. I bought them for a reason. I know I love books but I should take the time to knit at least something from them. So, listmaker that I am, I will make a list of all of my books, peruse the book to select an item (beneficial in itself), add that item to the list, and then eventually knit it. Doesn't this sound fabulous??? I spend so much time on Ravelry perusing patterns when I have a boatload of patterns in my book collection (free now since I have the book already). I will post a list here on this blog, probably in My Lists.


It's still extremely hot here. The other afternoon upon leaving work, I get into my car (who the hell knows how hot it is inside my car, I don't EVEN want to measure that) and my outside temp gauge shows 104. That is just way too hot and it has been endless. Rarely any clouds although this past week, we did get an afternoon thundershower that just made things nice and STEAMY!!

I have been working on some UFO's lately, in addition to some long term projects. One of the items that I stalled on for some reason was the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi. It was a fun knit and I went like gangbusters on it until I got halfway done with the 2nd sleeve, then I stalled. I had less than 1.5 hours left on it and just quit. I don't know why. Anway, the knitting is done!!! I need to block and add 4 buttons and I'm done with it. I may just add this to my Gift box.

Meanwhile, I was asked (and somehow I agreed) to knit a baby set for the Minnie Pearl Silent Auction. I'm going to knit it in the soft and washable Plymouth DreamBaby D.K. Not typically my yarn of choice but it should be good for the general public who is unaware of handwashing knits. I need to get started on it because they have to have it by mid-September and I guess I need to pick a cardigan that doesn't have buttons, maybe just a tie, so it can be for a girl or boy. Any suggestions?

My other UFO's that are begging to be finished:

  • Lace Ribbon Scarf
  • Potato Chip Scarf #1
  • Ishbel
  • Tango Scarf - black & white
  • Light Blue socks

As you can see my UFO list has dwindled down and I'm feeling good about that. I have made some additional yarn purchases and I am sooooo eager to cast on for them, but I'm trying to be good and hold off just yet.