An update with no photos

Seriously, I have been knitting and spinning, I just don't have any photos at the moment to prove it.
I just finished teaching the Baby Surprise Jacket at Enchanted Yarn in Clarksville. It's a lovely store with an even more lovely store owner, so if you haven't been, check it out. While teaching the class, I had to get some class samples ready so that took time away from my other knitting. But the class is over, I will get both BSJ's done and put away and get back to the regular scheduled programming. :-)
I will be binding off on sock #2 of my 2nd pair of Raggi socks tonight. Yippeeee, these are wonderful house socks and totally machine-washable. They are a little thick for my "business" shoes but great for my houseshoes. I will need to start another pair of business socks soon though.
I'm also working on a pair of fingerless gloves in ribbing with some leftover alpaca, so soft and warm. Finished one preemie blanket for Hospice and have started another. The aqua shell got put aside while I was working on the BSJ's but I'll get back to it shortly.
As for spinning, yep still going at it. I finished spinning one single in a bright multi-colorway, now I'm doing a single in a solid ecru and will ply them together.

As for movies, watched The Rum Diary this weekend with Johnny Depp. Good movie, he always does a good job. Also watched Crazy, Stupid Love on PPV. funny and cute love story.

DH and I started watching the Ken Burns Prohibition show. It just continues to amaze me that people (even still today) think that if you pass a nationwide law that everyone will obey that law and all of the country's problems will go away. Prohibition should prove to everyone that that theory just doesn't hold up. Laws ONLY keep the honest people honest. There are lawbreakers everywhere and they will break the law no matter what. Which brings me to this Anti-Gun matter that everyone is so hot about. Seriously folks, do you really think that if guns are outlawed that all the guns go away? No, because remember the statement above, laws will be broken by bad people and do you really only want the bad people to have the guns in our country? Right now, the bad people don't know who of the "honest" group has guns. They rarely attack people in their own home because they don't know that you might not have a gun to shoot them when they come in through the door. If they outlaw guns and the honest people turn in their guns (cause that's what honest people do, we follow the law) well guess the bad dishonest people who don't follow the law will have the guns and can attack anyone, anywhere. your home, a bar, a restaurant, etc. Think about it folks. Feel free to discuss and leave comments. :-)

OK, I'll get off my soapbox.

That's it for now, will post pics when I get a chance.