New hat project

It's been a very busy August here in middle Tennessee. We've been getting bulldozer work done which then caused us to have to pick up rocks, in order to get a pad ready to build a garage/workshop. It should be started the week after Labor Day.

Meanwhile, on the needles is Ollie. It's a Knitwhits pattern using 8 colors at the same time. What I have of course is a tangled mess, but it's fun so far. My husband helped place the colors in their order. The weird thing is that you knit on straight needles then seam it up. I would rather knit in the round so I may have to work on that for the next one.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

Socks are finished!

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I updated. I have been working on my socks enough that I finished them....yipppeeeee. I think I got them both done in a little under a month, and that's with working on other things, so I'm happy about the timeframe. I plan on wearing them one day this week to work with my black slacks, that should be a great contrast. :-) I will find out if I like the way the Dancing yarn works as a sock yarn. I did the 4x4 rib on Addi 2 and then when I get to the heel, gusset and foot part, I move the stitches to size 1 dpn's and finish with that. I can then start my next sock on the Addi's too. It works good for me.

I have also been working on some baby items for a friend who is due in November. So I have some time to get a little group of things done. Otherwise, just working on my beaded scarf, which you can see here.

Update on socks

Wooheeeeee, it's hot!! 96 deg F today (bet 35-36 Celsius)
Other than cutting grass and helping put pea gravel in the barn, I will be staying inside doing laundry and trying to finish at least one sock. I started this sock (cuff down) on the Magic Loop, which I absolutely love, but when it comes to doing the heel, gusset and finishing, I prefer to do that on dpn's. Which works out great for me because then I can start the 2nd sock on the Magic Loop. So the update here is the first sock now on dpn's working on plain stockinette for a couple more inches before I do the toe. Meanwhile, I am working on the cuff for the 2nd sock simultaneously. I rarely have 2nd sock syndrome. :-)

Knitted Dishcloths

I've been knitting some doshcloths over the past several months. I've participated in some exchanges which have been really fun and others I'm keeping until there is another emergency like Katrina. Below are some pics of some I've made and completed. They are all made out of 100% cotton.

Sock on the needles

I started a new sock project Wednesday night. I was having so much trouble casting on, it was very frustrating. After frogging it at least 4 times, I finally managed to salvage a cast on and was able to knit about 2 rows before bedtime. Thursday night I made more progress and it's shown here. I'm using Dancing from Knitpicks and I like it ok, but it wants to curl and twist alot even though I keep letting it dangle to untwist. It's very pretty and I love the colors, we'll see how it wears. You'll see the content of it from the picture. I'm using the Magic Loop method which is my preference for socks. I've used dpn's and they're ok, but I haven't tried the 2 circs method yet. It's on my list to do.

Another Odessa update

I finished the lavender Odessa but haven't taken a final photo of it yet. Meanwhile, I have taken a beaded scarf class at my LYS, Angel Hair Yarn Company, and getting the knack of the beads made me bold in attempting the Odessa with beads. I love the outcome and will definitely do another. Here is the picture of the Odessa with beads. It's done in Lion Brand Microspun, ecru with pearl beads 6-0.

Odessa update

This is the beginning of the Odessa as of Sunday morning. I cast on at my Noontime Knitsters group on Friday and then worked on it some Friday night and Saturday night.

Then on Sunday I had planned to work on the computer and lo and behold my computer wasn't working right. So while hubby worked on my computer, I knit!!!
By Sunday afternoon, I had gotten this far and I have started the decrease rows.
I love this pattern, it's fun.

Notice the difference in color??? The first picture was taken at home in my hobby room with incandescent light. The second picture was taken at my office in fluorescent light. The color is actually a lavender color, so you decide which one may be mor accurate.

The Odessa KAL

In addition to other members of the Caps for a Cure group, I will be casting on for the Odessa cap to be knitted in a beautiful soft purple cotton fleece. I will be posting my progress as I go along. It's a very interesting swirly pattern and I'm told you have to really pay attention to the pattern as you knit. (Does that mean I won't be able to talk or watch television as I knit this??)

HTML Code - how difficult can it be ??

Well after playing around with this blog for most of the morning, I've decided that messing around with someone else's HTML code is somewhat frustrating and I ought to just hang my hat up (a knitted one of course). The blog is not acting the way I want it to and I've just decided to accept it as is. You can still see everything, it's just not lined up as I would like it to be. Can you do a table in HTML?

Knitted caps

I've been working on some caps for the Caps for a Cure group.
I also made a preemie hat in a mock rib stitch which was a lot of fun.

The preemie hat is the one in blue done in Microfiber and then the white and yellow is a baby hat done in cotton.

I also knitted the lace hat in the same microfiber blue and it is for the Caps for a Cure group. It is wonderfully soft.

You can see the difference in size from the preemie hat and the ladies lace hat.

Another baby hat that was made.

Bosephus the cat

Bosephus is the blue-eyed cat that just showed up and he has adopted us. He's been hanging around for a little over a month and seems to be right at home. He is an outside cat and we're hoping that he will help eliminate the moles, although I haven't seen any evidence of that yet. Here are a few pics....

Trip to Italy

My husband and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last year and we went to Italy for 2 weeks. It was fabulous. We stayed in an Agritourismo. It is basically a working farm and they have guest houses on the farm for vacation rental. The first week we stayed in Tuscany and the second week we stayed in the mountains of the Emilia-Romagna region. Just fab.

The first week: View from Il Casalone

Their website:

The second week: View from Il Corboli

Their website:

We spent most of the time in the car driving through all the wonderful and quaint small villages. We aren't big city museum dwellers so we spent about 4 hours in Rome, 4 hours in Florence, 4 hours in Venice and the rest of the time we spent in the glorious countryside and small villages. Best opportunity for sampling the food. No, we don't speak Italian and they don't speak English in those small villages either but somehow we all found a way to communicate.
Also, if you are a Starbucks patron, don't think about going to Italy and ordering "latte". You had better say "cafe latte" cause otherwise, latte is what you'll get. (Ask me how I know)

The Coliseum in Rome was awesome.

Some other beautiful places will be posted shortly.


Rome... Vatican City
an entrance to a flat in a small town

DH enjoying a glass of wine in Siena Pisa
DH in the NW coast town of Lerici
DH on San Marco's Plaza in Venice
Gondola's in one of the canals in Venice

May 26, 2006

I've been on vacation this week and I stayed home all week, knitting and quilting. Other than driving in to Nashville one evening to take my brother out to dinner (he's moving to Albany, GA), I was home all week. Hubby is off today too so that he has a 4 day weekend.

I've joined a new Yahoo group, Caps for a Cure. We knit hats for cancer patients and every two months a new donation group is selected. So for two months, we knit caps for a particular treatment center and send the completed caps to them. I've worked on two this week, I've completed one. I also completed two caps for a Preemies group. I'll post completed pics later.

In addition to knitting this week, I finally started Jack's t-shirt quilt of Sunny's t-shirts. I know it's been over a year since she passed away but it brings back so many memories that it is hard to get started too quickly.

Weather wise, we had a very cool May but this past week the heat has turned itself up. We have had some horrible thunderstorms, lots of wind.

We've got a cat now. He has adopted us. He's hung around now for a little over a month. We're hoping that he will get rid of the moles that have just devastated our yard. Even if he doesn't hunt and kill them, we're hoping his presence alone will get them to leave. We've named him Bosefus. Other animals we have.....groundhogs. We like them though. They are fun to watch. We have rabbits too but I don't know for how much longer. Bosefus has already found one of them and killed it.

This is all for today. I've gotta go knit for awhile. (and do some laundry)

Grommit knits

I absolutely love Grommit. He is so cute and quite an accomplished knitter.
There is a show on BBCAmerica that is called Creature Comforts and the characters in the show are similar. The premise behind the show is that people are interviewed on the street and then the creator of the show re-creates the interviews with creatures similar to Grommit. It is hilarious. Check it out sometime.