Gettin' over the crud

Yep, as much as I tried to keep it at bay, being around people who are sick and who hack and sneeze all day, the bug bit me. Started with a sore throat and progressively got worse. I'd like to say that I'm better now other than residual drainage which is more of a bother than anything else.

OK, so on to knitting.  I have spent a little time in my hobby room, going through WIP's and bagging them in one big bag. That way I could decide if I wanted to finish them or frog them.  I'd like to say so far I have been on a finishing run.
  • I finished the sleeve caps on the Love Me Tender cardigan. All it needs are buttons.   
  • I finished the front to a baby sweater that I wasn't quite halfway on. Since the back was already done, all that is left to do are the sleeves and the neckband. That might be finished this weekend, assuming I lay aside my linen stitch scarf.
  • Still working on the linen stitch scarf. It's coming along nicely and I love the way the colors are blending.
  • I have almost finished sock #1 of the Raggi dalmation socks.
  • I've made some more Zoom Loom squares and started seaming a few together
  • Started a poncho in a turquoise Tranquility. Mostly something to wear outside on the farm. I can't see myself wearing it in public, but who knows.
  • I think I'm ready to frog the Beaded Scarf.  I took this class at a now-closed yarn store back in 2006 or  2007. So yeah, a long time ago.  It's a beautiful red silk with gorgeous gunmetal beads. I can find something else to make with that.  OK, after writing this, it's history, consider it frogged.
  • More items to frog are coming, I can just feel it.
I took a pizza making class last night that was held in a private home. The pizza chef made a glorious dough so when the pizza was cooked, OMG, it was a light crust, crunchy and left the flavors of the toppings out there for you to taste. Speaking of toppings, his mantra, the fewer the better. I guess he doesn't go in for the typical supreme pizza.  So, in order for me to try it, I've got to buy some yeast.  I already make my own spaghetti sauce so to make the pizza sauce will be similar, just need to eliminate some of the extra juice from the tomatoes. You want the pizza sauce to be thicker otherwise it'll wet down the dough too much. Learned all kinds of interesting things.

That's it for now!!

Last blog post??

No......not the last blog post and it probably won't be the last blog post about rolags and my "oh so fun" blending board.

I ordered some cupcakes from The Wool Peddler on Etsy and they were wonderful to use on my blending board. I spent most of Saturday afternoon playing with color.  This is the merino mix I played with, I also bought some BFL which I haven't delved into yet.

When I spin these, I will randomly pick one up to spin and will hopefully get a mish-mash of color. I was pleased with the last one I did and this set is almost 4 oz of merino.

As for knitting, I started the Mini Mania Linen Stitch scarf.  I cast on 460 stitches and I'm using a size 6 needle. It's been fun so far and the method I chose is to start on the right side row every time.