De-Cluttering is still active for 2012

I've already made good progress in 2012, even though it's only Day 1. I saw a blog-post here and found it a very good idea. Too aggressive for me to stick to but a plan of that over 6-12 months is doable. If it's too aggressive, it causes additional un-needed stress. I know the rooms (and closets) that I need to attack and have actually made pretty good progress in 2011.

So, this year I already tackled my bedroom closet. I had already hit it pretty hard in early 2011 and told myself that if I didn't wear some of the "other" clothes, then they were the next to go. Well, as things happen, the other night when I had cleaned the area around my sewing machine, shortened and hemmed some blouses, ironed them and then headed for the closet.......yup, I had to make room. So, I re-arranged things on my side of the closet. Part of my reason for doing this is the blouses I wear on a daily basis were too high and it was hurting my arthritic shoulders to slide them around and reach for them. So, in addition to eliminating clothing, I moved the blouses I wear daily to a lower level, got rid of one big lawn trash bag of clothing, ready to donate. My clothes aren't as squashed and I can see now what I need to add. I need some more colorful blouses/tops for sure.

I also spent some time in the hobby room. As mentioned before, I cleaned around the sewing machine, catalogued some yarn and put it away in the hobby closet (more work to do there). I got out my rolling cutter blade and my 12 inch square ruler used in quilting. In our younger days, DH & I traveled alot. We would always pick up t-shirts as memories with the thought that they would be worn. Hardly even worn is more like it. In addition, you get tshirts from work, when anything happens, etc. So, with rolling cutter, mat and ruler, I proceeded to get rid of one big pile of tshirts by cutting a square where the memories lay. It's going to make a nice comfy memory-laden quilt-like cover for the couch. Sample here. There are probably enough blocks to make us each one. I've folded them at the moment and they are in a drawer, but at least the bulk is gone. Another big lawn bag of stuff eliminated from my hobby room.

More knitting from my stash is planned. I'm going through my yarn and planning projects. Some yarn I buy with a particular project in mind, but quite a bit I didn't before, I just bought it. I'm much better about that now.

That's it for now.