Blogiversary, a prize and some spinning

I failed to blog on my 6-year anniversary of this blog. It was last week and it's hard to believe I've been at it for 6 years.  In light of this anniversary, I will give a prize to a commenter on this post.  The comments can be posted through June 15, 2012 ( this day is another type of anniversary for me) and I will pick a winner using the random number generator.

Saturday was the Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival. Wonderful time as always but it was rather warm, as expected. Not as humid as in the past, but still pretty hot.  Watched a great sheep shearing, the guy was really good at it and the sheep I think was enjoying the coolness once they were done.  I came away with some coiled top from Ozark Carding Mill from Durant, OK. She really has beautiful stuff and I purchased several different colors from her for blending. (pictures later)

I stopped at a local greenhouse............holy moly do they have some beautiful stuff. I don't normally buy flowers, but I sure was tempted. I took some pictures and although I didn't buy any flowers, I purchased some beautiful tomatoes. Here are some pics of their location. Any of you who are interested in knowing where this place is, let me know.
I've also jumped on the bandwagon and started a Wingspan. As I was perusing my stash yesterday, I found some yarn I had purchased at Haus of Yarn at their half-price sale. This stuff retails for $28.50 and it's a 50/50 merino/tencel blend. It's a joy to knit with and I think it'll be a nice coloration for a wingspan. LeAnn has made several of these and I've held off on starting one because I was trying to focus on my pie-wedge shawl. I'm seeing a light at the end of that one, so thought I'd go ahead and cast one for the wingspan. Here's what I have so far. (See.....I'm trying to break away from the blue obsession)
On the spinning front, I've finished two large skeins, 8 oz each. Both ended up with a little over 625 yards at a fingering/sport weight.

Cotton Candy: the multi-color single is a merino/polwarth blend of 4 1-oz batts purchased on Etsy from FeistywomanDesigns.  (blogged about here) The batts were wonderful to spin, very light and fluffy.  The ivory color is a single of undyed polwarth purchased on Etsy from Dicentra. I love polwarth!!! 
I think I will be knitting this Baby Blanket with this Cotton Candy.
The Cream Delight is a natural mixed BFL purchased from Gale's Art. Also available on Etsy but I actually purchased these at Stitches South in 2011. Love it.  I'm thinking about this shawl Semele for this yarn.  My mother would have loved this yarn and especially its colorway. She was always knitting with a taupe color.  Carole mentioned at knit-night that she remembered my mother from knitting at Angel Hair Yarns when it was open. She remembered that Pam and Andrea would say "oh, that's for Noelle" when they would open a box of new yarn and see the taupe yarn. how funny!

That's it for now. Next weekend is a 3-night/4-day spinning retreat in Monteagle, TN. Should be a fabulous time and will be learning some cool stuff from Lynne Vogel. I'm truly looking forward to the getaway. This is what I chose to do this year instead of going to Stitches. There will be some fiber vendors there as well. :-)  I've got a few items on my to-do list to learn.....create a rolag, spin locks, use my hackle, use my mini-blenders. So much to learn and to practice. Can you tell I'm excited???

As for my post yesterday concerning the elevator conversations. I hope it didn't come across that I perceived all 20-somethings to be this clueless. I know better than that, truly I do, I was just making an observation and sharing the overheard conversation with you. As Kayleigh mentioned in the comments, I was surprised that they hadn't already used their iPhone and googled what the holiday was about.  If anyone took offense, I publicly apologize.

Elevator conversations......seriously??

I work in an office building that's quite a few stories high in Nashville.  Floors 2-8 are taken up by some type of service contract group (extended service contracts I think), anyway, they are on the phone all day long.  The people that work there are mostly 20-25 and they come to work wearing flip flops, shorts, almost halter tops, etc. you get the picture. It's an odd sight when everyone else is wearing business suits or business casual.  So Friday at lunch, on the elevator with two of these young people and this is the conversation overheard:

Young man A and young man B:
A:  So, hey man, are you off on Monday?
B:  Yeah man, 3 day weekend. awesome.
A:  So why do we have Monday off?
B:  Holiday, I think it's Memorial Day.
A:  So, what is Memorial Day?
B:  I don't know for sure man, but I think it's to celebrate some war.
A:  Like, which one?
B:  I don't man, maybe all of them?? who knows.

By this time we had reached the floor where they were getting off and maye the conversation continued, I don't know.  I was shaking my head........what are they learning in school? or at home for that matter?

Happy Mother's Day

Mom, Happy Mother's Day
I know we would be spending the day together, having a blast as we always did. We would laugh, maybe go eat a bite at a cool new restauarant or maybe just our favorite place, exchange some ideas, do a little organizing, maybe go outside and do some serious photography. I miss you so much, I miss my best friend. I know you are in a better place and you're no longer in pain, but I still miss you so very much.
Happy Mother's Day to my aunts and my friends who are Mom's. Today is your day and I hope your family spends the day with you doing something special just for you.

Happy Birthday to my Man

Happy Birthday to my Man who escorted me to my Senior prom on his 20th birthday, 35 years ago tonight.

I thought I loved you then, I know I love you even more today.

Cheating and Deception

What is it with Fast-food joints and their "timers"? Why do the employees of said fast-food joints suck the public into participating in their deception? Why do we, said public, agree to participate?  Next time you are at the drive-up window of a fast-food joint and they ask you to move up...........well, think about it, question it.

Here's my latest adventure......
No one was at the order squawk box
No one was sitting at the window, all was clear.

I pull up to the squawk box and order.
Order was confirmed and I was told to pull up.  No $ total was given to me, so I couldn't prepare the funds. (although I do calculate in my head first what the amount will be so that I can double-check their amount when I get to the window, I know, biatch right?)
Anyway, I pull up to the drive-up window, dollar amount was right, so I pay.
This is what ensues:
Cashier: Pull up right over there and I'll bring it out to you.
Me: I look at my rear mirror and my side view mirror and say, Why, is someone behind me?
Cashier: uh, no, (she looks up) um....there's a timer.
Me: Am I going to blow-up if I sit here?
Cashier: huh??
Me:  Is the timer on a bomb and I'm going to blow-up if I sit here?
Cashier: uh, no, but, well, ummmm, I'm just doing what my manager told me to do.
Me: If I move, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?
Cashier: huh? well no, it, uh, well, no can you just move up cause there is a timer.
Me: What's the purpose of the timer?
Cashier:  uh, well, it uh, well, it times, uh, well, uh
Me: So....... what's the purpose of the timer?
Cashier:  (she's flustered at this point)....I'm just doing what my manager asked me to do.
Me:  OK, if I move up before I have my food, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the timer?  Assuming that the timer is there to "time" how quickly you serve your drive-up customers, then if I move away from the window before I have my food, then you are lying to your boss (the owner) about how quickly you move the cars through.
By this time, daggers are shooting from her eyes, her face is getting spoltchy and sweaty and she keeps looking up at the timer.  Miraculously, the food arrives and she almost throws it out the window.
Me: I sat there a few seconds longer and put my money away in my wallet, then put my wallet in my purse, zipped it shut and put my purse on the passenger seat. It was enough to aggravate them just a little more.  AND, there was still no cars behind me whatsoever.

My whole point here is why do we allow them to corral us into their deception?  They didn't complete the transaction in under (fill in the blanks) minutes. If I move away from the window then I've agreed that the transaction is complete, I have also lied and deceived the owner. I will no longer be "moving up the corner".  My ass will stay at the window until my transaction is complete, period!