Snow pics...........again

I'm beginning to think the South is the new Midwest. Why are we getting so much snow this year? It started snowing last night about 7ish and never let up until 5 AM. We ended up with 3 inches or so at our place. It's very wet, very heavy and absolutely gorgeous.

Snow, Spinning and Knitting

Yep, we had more snow again on Thursday. Not big flurry flakes, but lots of it, a blanket. It arrived hard and fast. It started around 1:30 and was done snowing by around 8 PM.
It's hard to see the snow coming down, but this is a picture Thursday evening.
By Friday morning, it was bright white and gorgeous. We ended up with a little over 2 inches.

They are predicting more snow Sunday night/Monday morning.
So, to keep me busy, I am frogging another project, started a new one and did some spinning.

As for frogging........I've started several projects with the Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I only have 8 skeins to work with at 87 yards per skein. It knows it wants to keep my shoulders warm, but it can't decide what pattern it wants to use. I first cast on for the Short Simple Cape and I decided after already using 3 skeins, it wasn't going to be the right size.

Then I found the pattern for a shrug that only called for 160 yards of worsted weight. I thought that sounded too good to be true, but gave the pattern a try. Well, at this point here, I'm not even done with the first sleeve which is supposed to be 23 inches and I'm almost through the 3rd skein. The back itself, which I haven't even gotten to, is 30 more inches, then the 2nd sleeve will be another 23 inches. So all that said, I wasn't going to have enough yarn. Why do these patterns not get edited with the correct amount of yarn?

The 3rd time to cast on is a charm. I've decided to make another Storm Cloud Shawl. I love this pattern, it fits me nicely and I had wanted another one anyway with yarn that didn't shed. It's working up great and the yarn is really soft and drapey. I'm knitting it on Size 9's.
Then there's spinning. I got my Trindle out of hibernation, I love this spindle, it truly is my favorite. I love it so much that I went to Etsy to find another one. He's making them now with interchangeable arms/beads, so that you can go from a light weight spindle to a medium to a heavy weight spindle with just changing the arms. I've ordered one with 2 different sets of arms.

This is a Merino/Tussah Silk blend that I bought from Creekview Crafts at the Dickson Fiber Festival last year. It's like spinning butter, it's awesome. I have determined that I need to wear goggles while spinning though because all that loose fiber that gets in the air manages to get in my eyes. I continuously have to put eye drops in my eyes because they are so aggravated.

Yarn by Katia named Liana

I happened across it accidentally last night while I was perusing DBNY's website. I was so surprised I could hardly contain myself. Now I know it wasn't named after me personally, but to have a yarn with my name, well I just had to buy some. I love Katia yarns anyway so even if I didn't particularly like "this" yarn, I had to own a couple of balls anyway. I'll let you know if I like the yarn once I get it.
There are lots of different spellings for Liana. There's the more common Leanna, LeAnna, Leigh Anna and all kinds of variations. My spelling is a little more unique and while growing up, the teachers always had a time with it because they didn't know how to pronounce it. As I became an adult, people would look at my name and assume my name was Linda. The first few times I didn't care, after that I made a point of telling them. Several times the people actually lost a potential sale because they didn't take the time to look at the name properly the first time. I can't help people's ignorance. Take the time to look at someone's name, ESPECIALLY when you are in sales.

I'm not sure how I really got my name, I've heard several stories throughout the years. If you look me up in the dictionary...wait I'll do it for you....compliments of Merriam Webster: "any of various vines, usually woody, especially of tropical rain forests that root in the ground." You will find that I am in the crosswords from time to time. The clue is usually woody vine or tropical vine.

So back to the yarn. I will update here to let you know what I think about it.

I've been doing a lot of spindling lately. It's funny how that interest comes and goes. I don't have delusions that I will spin enough to make a lot of yarn, but it's fun, mindless, don't have to folow a pattern, and I'm getting much better. The spindle hardly drops anymore. I guess when they say you need to practice, they were right. Who knew??

I have a new spindle from Spinatude on Etsy. It's a resin spindle with daisies. It spins nicely. It weighs 1.4 oz (41 grams)


In my efforts to clean, de-clutter, reorganize, etc........I found a box of old musty smelling photos.

The first time that my mother and father were flooded in 1979, they didn't expect it and therefore all the items that were on the floor in closets ended up in 8-10 inches of muddy water. Some were photos in boxes that were from my childhood as well as my Mom and Dad's childhood. My mom salvaged what she could but I can imagine that alot were lost. A couple from my childhood. This first one of my brother and I. He's 18 months older than I and I'm 14 months in this one. Did I really have all that black hair?
This second one is of my brother and his favorite scooter. Check out the cool canteen on his belt no less. Priceless.


I may be nerdy but I find this very cool. Now I can't wait until November 11 so it'll be 11-11-11. Very cool!!

We had snow again, just a couple of inches overnight Sunday night and then again another inch last night. This winter has started off very snowy. Our southern TN counties as in Giles Co got 13 inches. That is just unheard of.

It's hell getting old. Pains everywhere. My right shoulder has been hurting like crazy, so I've not gotten any knitting done in the last couple of days. I continue to de-clutter since I can do that with my left arm.

Last Thursday at knit night, I did start a new Patches Baby Sweater. The yardage on the Indulgence wasn't going to be enough on it's own, so I'm doing the garter stitch area with a solid color to complement the easter colors in Indulgence. It's similar in color to my first Patches but much more subdued. Also, my Patches Sweater is featured on the home page of the pattern on Ravelry. How cool is that!!!

My first FO for 2011

It still needs blocked and it still needs buttons, but it is an FO in my book. The Patches Baby Sweater from the recently published Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders book. It's a fun knit. It has a lot of ends to weave in, which I don't mind, but if you abhor weaving in ends, then you probably want to think twice about making this little treasure.

A beautiful January day

Isn't it gorgeous?
Yesterday was cold and cloudy with scattered snow flurries.
Today, a beautiful blue sky!

Last week at knit night.............can you tell we were having fun? This is a Freedom Fighter mask that a fellow knitsib had knit for her son. She allowed me to model it. How fun is that?
It just goes to show you that you never know what's going to happen at knit night!


My first "big" object to de-clutter this year is this wonderful, heavy oak office chair. It came as part of a set with my old teachers desk that we bought used back in 1978 or 1979. I still use the desk everyday, but the chair has long since been retired so that I could get something more comfortable and more ergonomic. We've hung on to the chair because it's just so authentic, I couldn't part with it.

However, the time has come and I'm donating it to our local theatre. I emailed them this picture to see if they were interested and they said they wanted it. So off it goes. I also have some art I will donate to them.

New Laptop is here!

YES!!!! It arrived a week early, I was so excited. FedEx knocked on my door on Friday with the laptop. DH worked on it until yesterday, installing updates, installing my software, upgrades, etc. It's very fast compared to that old behemoth I had. This machine has Windows 7 so I'll have some adjustments to make and some learning to do.

DH and I had a nice New Years weekend. We opened a bottle of Merlot and celebrated the new year, NYE is also an anniversary of 33 years since we moved in together. Unbelievable. Since he was busy with the computer, I spent some time knitting and reading. I am working on the last sleeve for the Patches Baby Sweater and I told my knitsibs that I would show them how to connect the pieces as you knit them, so now I need to wait to finish it until Thursday. It's a fun knit, so much so that I bought some more yarn to make another, this time with a contrasting color for the garter stitch portion.
So, I'll leave you for now and get back to learning more about the features on my laptop. Ciao!