Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noel

Yep, it happened. Terribly sick right before the holiday. Now DH has it too. We both sound pitiful. We both feel pitiful. Lots of hot soup, cough medicine, alka seltzer plus cold medicine, and Sucrets. I like Sucrets because it numbs the throat a little, lasts longer. So, I've been home sick from work. I will not make it to the grocery for Christmas, luckily my pantry and freezer are both full. I will not prepare a traditional holiday dinner, but it will be yummy nonetheless. I was able to spend about 30 minutes spinning on my 3lb bag of fiber yesterday before I had to go have a lie-down. It's really been fun but I'm just not able to sit up for long.

I'm gathering my thoughts for inspirational ideas for 2015 as well as my recap of 2014.

So, all that said, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.

Spinning round and round in color heaven

It has been a little while since I sat down to spin. I had purchased some fiber on Etsy and rather than it being a 4 oz braid, I purchased some leftovers. Leftovers consisting of mixed BFL and merino. They are all kinds of different colors: yellows, blues, reds, purples, greens......the list goes on.  I had originally planned to place them on my blending board but then yesterday thought that I would just spin them woolen as I usually do. So I sat down with the big bag in front of me and I started spinning and picking colors somewhat randomly. I spun for a couple of hours and then had to stop because hubby and I were going to see A Christmas Carol. It was fabulous!  So, back home by 10:30ish and I thought I would go ahead and 2-ply what little I had spun to see what it was going to look like.  I love it!!!

So here is the 15-gallon tub of fiber remnants:


Here is the 86 yard 2-ply sample.
I'm having fun so I think I'll continue.  What do you think??

On the road again

I'm heading out to southern Georgia today to see my brother and his family. It will be a nice long drive, perfect for listening to my audiobooks in addition to a little satellite radio time.  Unfortunately, I'm driving alone, so no knitting time.  I'm taking my knitting with me but I rarely have the opportunity to do any knitting while I'm there visiting.

I do have some FO's though. Some of the ones I mentioned in this post.  So I finished the triangular shawl and the Chevron blanket and gave those to Christina for donating to Hospice. It was great to get those WIP's turned into FO's and outta the house. The picture of the shawl doesn't do it justice. The yarn is a thick and thin and very cushy. Someone will like it I know! 

The chevron blanket was originally started to be a car seat blanket, but it can be used otherwise. The pattern was easy. I did a 5 stitch garter edge on the sides, then this pattern repeat across: (KFB, K4, [Slip1KW, K2 tog, PSSO], K4, KFB).  Purl on the wrong side except for border stitches.

The One Plus cardigan was knit with Katia Jamaica. It was the perfect yarn for this as it retained the striping in the cardigan. I really like it. It just needs a button now. It's for a friend who wanted to give it to her granddaughter for Christmas, she's 18 mths old.

I've also started the Sweet Memories Cowl in the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. So far I'm enjoying it. I think it's the perfect pattern for the yarn.

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