Yes I need to mow..............

Something is hiding in my tall grass.................can you see it???

Can you see it yet???????
How about now?? In the middle of the picture??
Is this better? You may need to click on the picture to make it bigger.

There she is, she popped up out of hiding!!!!!

New yarn acquisitions...................

It still hasn't decided what it wants to be yet.......I'm thinking shawl? another Clapotis maybe? So far it hasn't draped much on my swatches and it could be I haven't picked the right needle size, I'm going to try a swatch with 15's to see what it does.
I love this bag! It's from the magazine Knit n Style, April 2008. It calls for 5 hanks of Alpaca with a Twist Big Baby. I'll have to see what I have in my stash that will work for this bag. The finished size is 15x12x12. Perfect!
Spring (nearly summer here in the south) is upon us and that means poison ivy is out there just waiting for me. I am very susceptible to that stuff. I have a cat that wanders everywhere and probably wallows in it and then comes up to me and wants petted, and of course I accommodate that purrrrrring request. My brother, who is also afflicted with this malady, found this soap and says it is wonderful and so lovingly forwarded some to his dear sister, me!!!! I will not say that I can't wait to try it because I would rather it get old in my medicine cabinet than have that dreaded rash and itchiness. I am thankful for this soap though, just in case.

I have new sock yarn from the Luxury Sock of the Month Club. This stuff is gorgeous!

I can't wait to cast on for it. I may not use the pattern that came with it, I may just want to knit some mindless stockinette socks with some ribbing at the top. I've got a pair of socks on the needles that just won't get done because of the 8 row pattern. (I may have to frog them because I'm still on sock #1) I knit socks because I love hand-knit socks, but I don't like the painful patterns that I can't memorize. Must re-think my sock knitting!

I saw this In Line Vest on display at my LYS and I fell in love with it. I bought the Noro yarn for it, Taiyo. It is 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool and 15% nylon and it's knit on US 9.

I love this colorway. Different from the display model which had too much yellow and brown for me.

Picnic on the back 40 on Tax Day

DH and I are on vacation this week and yesterday was such a beautiful day that we decided to pack a lunch and head up the hills to one of the pasture fields on the back of the farm. We usually take vacation in April because the weather is soooo wonderful, although, had we taken vacation last week, we would have been in the midst of horrible thunderstorms and tornados. This week has been quite different...upper 60's and wonderful sunshine. Anyway, we packed up the 4WD Honda CR-V with our lawn chairs, 2 different knitting projects, magazines, The Book of Yarn and our cameras. The CR-V happens to have a built-in table that serves as the floorboard of the trunk area, so I set that up and got comfy. We had dressed in layers because it was a tad cool and breezy, but we soon shed our sweaters. The view from where we sat ...........
The building on the left is our equipment shed where the tractors sleep at night.
The view is so nice from this spot that we are actually thinking about putting a gazebo up here.
Time passed, I worked on the Clapotis, DH went for a little walk, I basked in the sunshine and 4 hours later (we couldn't believe we had been up there that long) we headed towards the house. We did a tick check because they were plentiful and we actually got a little sunburnt too.

Knitting Retreat 2008

Last August my knitting buddies and I went to The Cabin at Stillwaters Farm in Cumberland Furnace, TN for our first annual knitting retreat, the Paralegals with Needles Getaway. It is considered a B&B but you actually get a complete cabin with full kitchen, bathroom with shower, bedroom downstairs and 2 twin beds in the loft, with a wonderful screened-in back porch and a nice front porch.....all of it nestled on 100 acres in the beautiful rolling hills of middle Tennessee. 2 of us went back this past weekend and had a glorious 2 days of just knitting. We both had already come down with spring colds and we had the sniffles and coughs but had a good time nonetheless. I was working on a long-term project that had been in time-out and it is now on the homestretch of being completed. Pictures to come later. My knitsib has already blogged about the weekend and took pictures, so you are welcome to visit her blog and take a look. I placed the link for The Cabin above too, in case you want a beautiful remote getaway with all the amenities.
I'm limited to blogging and looking at blogs just on weekends now and I came across this post and although I don't have the second sock syndrome, I thought it was a cool decorating idea. I may have to learn to have this affliction.

I have been using Knitpicks Crayon, 100% pima cotton, for my long term project mentioned above (it's a gift so I can't speak of it too much) and I really have to say nice things about this yarn. It is wonderfully soft and nice to work with. It still has some drying effect on the hands but it doesn't seem to be as bad as other cottons. The swatch that I washed had very little shrinkage and made it even more plush. I highly recommend it. I've been working in garter stitch double-stranded and the yarn is a little nubby, so not sure how it would look in stockinette, but in garter it's very nice.

Projects already on my needles needing finished:
1. Clapotis (Knitpicks Essential)
2. Heartbeat Sweater (75%-80% complete)
3. Socks - Pennants pattern (getting ready to frog this one)
4. Socks - Guilty Pleasures from One-Skein Wonders
5. Beaded Scarf
6. DH's sweater that my Mom started before she died
7. Gift project mentioned above

Overall, not too many active projects on the needles.

Projects waiting to be Cast-on:
1. Calorimetry (nope, one of the few who hasn't made one yet)
2. Clapotis (smaller scarf version) in this yarn in Verdigris color
3. Socks, socks, socks
4. Swing Down Coat
5. Gloves (gift)
6. Baby sweater (90% done) and booties for a July baby
7. Slip Stich Pullover
8. Crossover Scarf
9. Lacy scarf "Branching Out"
10. French Market Bag
11. Hemp Net Shopping Bag
12. Baby Surprise Jacket with Debbie Bliss cotton
13. Felted travel bag