Color Work??

A quickie post.........For any of you who do lots of colorwork and were interested in a better way of keeping the yarn balls under control, you must go see this blog now.  Very cool way to recycle and use something we all have.

Shawls and a post without pics

Happy July 4th!!  It's going to be raining all day today or at least a chance of all day.  That may hinder some grilling out parties.  My plan is to stay in the house, get some things done, take time to read, knit and maybe even spin.  We'll watch the Tour de France, hang out and then get to bed early because tomorrow is another work day, albeit a Friday!

I got up early this morning (rare for a day off) and enjoyed some coffee with the curtains open. We aren't able to open the curtains much in the summer because of the sunshine and the lack of shade around the house.  I was enjoying sitting in my new knitting corner in the office and finishing a book on my Kindle. 

After finishing the book, my mind started wandering.  It landed on Shawls. While we knitters love to knit shawls and even wear them, I don't see many others outside the knitting community wear them. I work downtown and see lots of workers tightly packed in a small area.  I never see them wearing knit shawls.  I wear mine at work when it gets cool in the office, but the other ladies wear sweaters/cardigans.  I will wear my shawl when I go out to lunch and get looks and comments about how pretty it is, but for all the love we have about shawls, why don't others wear them?  Are they just considered evening attire when you are going to a movie or out to dinner or out to the theatre?   Just curious I guess.  I am always thinking about the next shawl to make.  I have plenty saved in my Favorites on Ravelry. I know others do too. When do you wear yours?  Do you wear them to work?

As for my knitting projects...I have been pretty monogamous to the Yoked Cardigan.  I have parked the body stitches and I'm working on the sleeves. I want to do the sleeves first so that I can just knit away on the body and not worry about whether I'm going to have enough yarn to do the sleeves and the button bands.  I know I have plenty of yarn for this project, but I don't want to have to think about it.  I'll get a picture of it soon.  I'm spinning some fiber I bought at The Yarn Company in NYC. It's going to be really pretty.

That's it for now, more to come later.