Heartbeat Sweater Update

I've cast-on for the Heartbeat Sweater from JustOneMoreRow.com. I'm using a cotton blend that is draping nicely and it's wonderful to knit with. This is a picture of the front so far. I may have to make some changes to the back so it doesn't have a v-neck, but we'll see.

Finally on the needles........Heartbeat Sweater

I have finally cast on for the Heartbeat Sweater from Just One More Row. You can see the cotton blend I picked to knit it with. So far it's draping wonderfully well and I'm enjoying the knitting. Update later.

Sensational Knitted Socks

I purchased the book and started a sock with a Purled Ladder cuff.
I tried something new with the garter stitch ribbing, explained in her book and I am already decreasing for the toe. I will be starting sock number 2 very soon.
They are all the same sock, I cannot account for the difference in colors because I took them all at the same time, at the very same place and the very same lighting. But, if you can get past that, they are the same sock.

Here is my progress.

I recommend this book as well as More Sensational Knitted Socks.

Fair Isle Tam knitting

This past weekend in Nashville was a very busy one. The Nashville Knitting Guild hosted an instructor from Maryland, Beth Brown-Reinsel. She is a "traditional" knitter and for those of you that are traditional knitters (you know who you are) you know what that means! Nashville also hosted the Music City Marathon this weekend, which was a huge success and one of my co-workers completed the half-marathon, has the heavy medal to prove it too. We are all very proud of her!

As for the Fair Isle knitting, we learned how to do a tubular cast on, then we learned how to do corrugated ribbing. If I learned nothing else, those two things were worth the cost of the class. To see a good example of the corrugated ribbing, here is a picture of one of my classmates tams that had such vibrant colors, you can really see the corrugated ribbing.

To see more tams from class, you can go to this link. They all look so different because of the choice of colors it's amazing.

Otherwise, here is my tam, which still needs to be blocked.

I learned how to hold one yarn in my left hand and one in my right and then knit with whichever color is supposed to be knit at a particular time. So technically, I was doing Continental and English knitting at the same time. Who would've thought???? Although Fair Isle has multiple colors, you only knit with 2 colors in one row.