So long 2009.......and hello 2010

2009 was a relatively good year. It seemed focused more on work and I'm not sure how to change that just yet. I've got to work on that. I'm still knitting on Thursday nights with my knitsibs, our Wednesday lunch knit group is still going strong, although I was absent all of December because of work, and I've knit some lovely items in 2009 that I'm really proud of. Below is a list of completed items, although I may have left some out.

Café Au Lait Mitts – 2 pair
Baby J Cardigan
Garter Stitch Toes socks
Lacy Shrug
Baby Bunny Toddler Dress
Baby Blankets – 2
Capelet for me for winter
Felted Mittens
Feather and Fan Scarf
Kicking Bags for baby – 2
Amigurumi animals
Garter Stitch Loop scarf
Baby bibs – many
Fingerless Mitts

I welcome 2010, it's another year closer to retirement. :-) I have some great projects on the needles and a good list of projects to start. Some I have already purchased the yarn, so I've got a good head start.

Another Christmas is in the past

Christmas is the holiday when I miss my Mom the most. She was the glue that held our holidays together. She made it extra special and I miss that. My husband and I had a very quiet Christmas day, just the two of us. We relaxed, drank some coffee, played some colorku, I knit a little, did some baking and then we had our turkey dinner about 6:30. We had already exchanged gifts at Thanksgiving, I know, early but when it's just the two of you, we tend to do that. Just buy something for each other at odd times of the year. I received a Sony EReader, Touch Edition, PRS-600. I love it!!! Not only will it hold tons of books, it will also hold Word docs and PDF's, so I have my knitting patterns on it. It has 2 Memory Stick slots so it will hold mega data. No more lugging around a notebook of patterns. It's not too good on formatting of the charts, but then I rarely do chart knitting, so not an issue for me.

I did do some surprise holiday knitting. I've given the goodies to her now, so I can post about it. I made a pair of Cafe Au Lait mitts, in Misti Alpaca. Did I mention I love this pattern? They are wonderfully warm but not bulky. The other item made is a scarf made with Poppin. It has a very nice feel and although it's polyester, it's very nice against the skin. Very easy garter stitch pattern, looks more difficult than it was.

I always enjoy the last week of December because this is when I transfer information to my new paper calendar. Yes I have a Smartphone that has all the calendar functions and address book and excel documents, but I like having my paper calendar, for note writing and at a glance calendar notes. I have lists of my current knit projects on the needles as well as future knit projects. Post-It Notes with yarns I want to try, books I want to read or authors I want to try, etc. Transferring to a new one every year lets me cull out what I no longer have an interest in, especially the Future Knit Projects. I've culled a few out that were on my list from last year. I have no problem doing that as I feel that our interests change over the course of a year and I'm ok with that.

Have you ever been out and wished you had your knitting label with you? Does it get lost from your knitting bag? I don't think I came up with this idea, I actually think I saw it somewhere, but can't remember. But go buy yourself a portable photo album (you grandparents out there will know what I'm talking about) I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can find them anywhere. I purchased the clasp kind so that I made sure it stays closed. Instead of photos, place a knitting label with a small strand of the yarn of your current projects on the needles. It never failed that I started a project and someone would ask.....what yarn is that? and I wouldn't remember. This solved that problem. It just stays in my knitting bag now.

On to my laundry and some knitting.

Not holiday knitting

I haven't knit one thing for the holidays. I'm getting through 2 Baby showers within less than a month. I knit 2 baby blankets, a rare thing for me, and they both turned out beautifully. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of one before I gifted it, it was an ivory colored feather and fan pattern for a sweet baby girl. The next one, finished last night, is for a little boy due in another couple of weeks, and it's a simple ripple pattern. Picture below.

The other item made for the shower is the Baby J Cardigan by Cabin Fever. This adorable sweater is knit with, hmmm, I've misplaced the label, the buttonholes are made on each side and that way you can knit ahead of time and then add the buttons once you know the sex of the child. It was well received.
These are the cupcakes that were at the baby shower. I thought they were adorable. The punch was absolutely delicious. Hawaiian punch berry, with sprite and lemon sherbet. We also made an ice block with a teething ring in the middle of it.