Sunshine Award

There's been nothing but sunshine this week and still hot. 95-99 deg F all week, with very few afternoon thundershowers. With all this sunshine coming down, it was with a very warm welcome that I received a Sunshine Award from my knitsib LeAnn, so I will pay the award forward to others that bring sunshine to my life.

My Sunshine Award goes to:

Jackie and Lisa as well, who doesn't have a blog yet

A couple of Mondays ago, I was working (of course) and at about 9:30, my desk phone rang. It was a delivery guy at the front desk (we don't have a receptionist) telling me I had a delivery. I went out to get it and it was flowers sent to me by DH. It was a beautiful bunch of spring flowers in a beautiful red vase. The card read: Happy 2Q end. He knows quarter ends are hell at work with lots of pressure. The flowers lasted well for 2 weeks, although I had to get rid of the roses earlier this week.

Aren't they beautiful?

They finally started cutting hay on the farm last week, I love the way a pasture with hay bales looks.
To my eye, there's something peaceful about rolled hay bales. I don't know why. Is it just me???

As for knitting, I've picked up Ishbel again. I'm still on the early stockinette section but it's a mindless knitting project at the moment and that's very helpful. It's in a beautiful blue in Koigu.
I was almost done with a second sock using a wonderful yarn by Pagewood Farms and then I realized I was decreasing the toe too fast and when I tried it on it was too tight, so I had to frog it back to where I started the decreases. It will be done soon though.

The Baby Surprise Jacket, the onesie and the Comfy Cape were shipped to Beziers, France last week. The shawl went to my aunt and the baby items to my cousin Henry for his new son, Guilhem. The package arrived this past Wednesday and everyone was happy to receive them. I hope to have a picture someday of them wearing the knits.

A busy June so far and a very HOT one.

I left work earlier this week and it was HOT! My glasses steamed up the minute I walked out the office door at 4:30. My car was a sauna and this is what my external thermometer on the car read! unbelievable. This is why I hate summer.

I’ve been busy organizing my hobby room and my hobby closet. I share the room and the closet with DH and I tend to let my “stuff” get out of hand. His always remains neat and orderly. So, every now and then I have to do a big cleanup and organizing project. I like to do this project because it allows me to eliminate stuff I don’t use anymore. I have been donating bags, purses I don’t use, and I’ve donated some charity yarn. To eliminate some purses that I haven’t used in years, I will use them for a week and then ask myself if I’ve enjoyed using it. If the answer is not a definite yes, then I am getting rid of it. I have too many purses (bags) anyway and I’ll never use them all. So, eliminate, eliminate, eliminate.

Before I took up knitting again in 2005, I was an avid sewer, crocheter and photographer. I pretty much just knit now. Although with the clean up mentioned above, I can get to my sewing machine again and I do have some sewn items I want to make. I need some slacks for work and I really don’t like what’s on the market at the moment. In cleaning up the hobby closet, I eliminated a lot of material I will never use. Some was mine that I was excited about 10 years ago and never used it and then some was my mothers that my father gave to me when she passed away in 2001. It was time to let it go. I donated 3 large lawn bags of material to Goodwill and that made room on my shelves for me to organize my yarn better. I’ve created a spreadsheet of my stash as well as taken pictures of the stash. My goal is to be better at planning projects. For the yarn that I actually purchased for a project, I’ve put that in its own bag with the pattern so I can pick up and go when I’m ready to tackle that project.

Here's one picture of my organized stash. :-)

Last weekend, we had an external closet installed in our Master bedroom. The bedroom itself is too big, way too much wasted space in the room. I assume it’s meant to be a retreat for those adults who have kids, but for DH and I, the whole house is our retreat since we are sans kids. We also don’t have enough shelf space for clothing that’s not meant for hangers and too large to go into chests. Winter time you have sweat clothes, long johns, thick wool socks, jeans, sweaters, etc. So, we had this installed and I’ll be sponging it down and cleaning it this weekend to get it ready for clothing and bedding.

On the knitting front, I have been working on finishing UFO’s. It’s a long list so I’m not worried about running out plus I’ve always got new projects on the brain that somehow make it to the needles (they must cast-on for themselves), which then become new UFO’s? What I really mean is, I’m finishing projects that probably only have 30 minutes to 2 hours left on them to complete them. It gives me a sense of accomplishment plus it clears up my outstanding task list. Yes, I place my knit projects in my Task List on Outlook. Did I mention I’m somewhat of a geek?

OK, here's the finished Baby Surprise Jacket and matching booties. The booties don't really match but they are from the same skein. The Bombay yarn was prestriped and that's what made the BSJ turn out so cool, but it didn't work so well for the booties, but I kinda like the mismatched pair.

I also finished the Onesie, knit in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Love the buttons!

and then I finished the Comfy Cape that I posted about here.

White Tailed Squirrel sighting

I've never seen a gray squirrel with a white tail before. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of the one in my yard, he was too far away and I didn't have my zoom lens on my camera. I thought it was a skunk at first, but when I got the binocs out, I saw it was a gray squirrel with a white/cream colored tail. How bizarre.

I then went to Google and searched for white-tailed squirrel. There are other sightings of them and here are a few links. Here. and Here.

Italian Ice in the Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to have Italian Ice. If you've never gotten some from a street vendor in town or at a fair of some kind, you need to try it. This is not a snowcone nor shaved ice folks. This is smooth like ice cream, but it's fat free. It's not calorie free, but it is fat-free. They will usually come in flavors like lemon, lemon-lime, raspberry, blueberry-raspberry, mango, and many, many others. I found a free recipe on line using jello and I'm trying it this weekend. I've put my timer on 30 minutes and I go and stir it every 30 minutes. I probably don't have to do this, but I'm stirring it as if you would stir homemade ice cream. I'm making cherry this weekend so it's going to be pretty sweet, but I'll look for something lemony and try that next weekend.

This is after about 2.5 hours

You can see it's icing up nicely but it's still smooth.

Here is the basic recipe:
1 small box Jello (4 serving size), any flavor
1 pkg unsweetened Kool-Aid, same flavor as Jello
1 cup sugar (I will use less than this next time)
2 cups boiling water
2 cups cold water

In large bowl, mix Jello, Kool-Aid, sugar and boiling water. I stirred them individually so they didn't clump, but you do to suit yourself. Stir until dissolved. Add cold water. The recipe calls to place them in individual serving paper cups, but I've just kept it in the stainless stell mixing bowl so that I can stir them. I'll dip the serving directly from the bowl.

While this is freezing, I am working on my stash. Taking pictures of it and logging it in my Excel spreadsheet. It's a long process and every time I see a skein I haven't seen in a while, I ooh and aah and dream about what I can knit with it and then I go to Ravelry and start searching projects. As if I didn't already have enough projects on my needles. I am then placing them in ziploc bags and placing them in my hobby closet. Trying to become more organized is an arduous task.


This is now frozen and ready to eat. About an hour after the post above, I stirred the frozen concoction again and decided to go ahead and put some in two individual cups for serving. The remainder of the concoction I kept in the freezer. You can see the shiny glaze on top which happened after I stirred it again. I took a bite from the bigger container still in the freezer........YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY. It is a little too frozen for eating with a spoon, unlike the ones you get at a vendor, so I'll get it out of the freezer a little bit ahead of serving it. They would be great as a popsicle too.