I am an avid audiobook listener, especially since I have a long work commute. My favorite books are mysteries with murder and mayhem. I’ve been keeping track of my reads in a spreadsheet religiously now for almost 6 years. As I think of a title that I read in the past, I’ll place it in there too. I have read way too many books in my 20’s-40’s so that there is no way that I can remember them all. Before I started my spreadsheet, I’d go to the library and check out an audiobook CD only to get on the road and realize I had already read it (or listened to it). That’s why I started the spreadsheet, and yes, I can get to it from my Blackberry. With all this preamble, what I’m getting to is that I started the Sue Grafton series (A is for …, B is for...etc) with the idea that they would be mindless mysteries with not much to them. Why I had that thought, I have no idea. I was judging a book before I knew anything about it, maybe it was the simplistic titles. I really don’t know why I pre-judged them. Anyway, I can say that I found them delightful, just delightful. They were very well written. Plenty of suspense. She has great characters and develops her characters to the point where you almost know them. I found myself getting tickled many times because the main character (a female PI) is funny. She’s curious, forthright, doesn’t deal well with authority and has the nerve to say things that sometimes I wish I could say. I would truly recommend them. I just finished V is for Vengeance and believe I am now caught up with the author. Although each story has its own tale and doesn’t really require you to read them in order, I strongly recommend it.

I am now drinking the kool-aid and started The Hunger Games last night on the way home. It's a little slow to start for me but my friends tell me to hang in there and that it gets better. So tonight was a little better, although I'm almost 1/3 of the way through book 1 and not too much exciting happening yet. Time will tell I suppose.

Avery was born on Monday as scheduled and the pictures forwarded to me reflect a beautiful baby girl. Mom and baby are both healthy, and grandma is ecstatic.

Baby Surprise Jacket and more

One of my very dear knitsibs (Carole) is going to be a grandmother for the first time on Monday the 26th. Our Thursday night knit group had a little baby shower for her. As a group effort we had made a baby blanket. There were 6 of us and we each knit 6 squares. One each of four different solid colors and two of the variegated colors. Then Reyna did her magic and crocheted them all together. This pic is from my Blackberry so it's not the best, but I think the basic concept and view is there. The best part is that I think Carole loved it.
I also finished the Baby Surprise Jacket in Katia and gave that to Carole.
I didn't like the way the neck looked like it would choke a baby, so I tacked it down with little kitty buttons.

Then I made a card for us all to sign. This is paper embroidery. It's so much fun.

I went to Michaels looking for a gift bag and found this plain white ceramic piggy bank. I then went to the stickers aisle and holy cow.........there are so many stickers to pick from. Well, I finally settled on some and did this.........

and on the other side...............

We all had fun and she received some great gifts. I suppose Grandmother's don't usually get baby showers, but she is the first in our little group that has had some type of baby event, so we just had to do it.

Allotting time for interests.........

So that’s the question. How do you allot what spare time you have to your different hobbies or interests? My current time suckers are as follows:
1) Sleep – 8 hrs, sometimes less
2) Work – 10 hrs
3) Commute associated with work – 3 hrs
4) Exercise – 45 min
5) preparing dinner – 30-40 min
6) eating dinner – 30 min
7) kitchen clean up – 20 min

The above already adds up to over 23 hours. That leaves me around 30 minutes to sit and knit on a weekday evening. Now I don’t exercise every night (only 4 times per week and 2 of those are on weekends) so I do have that added time during the week. Evening time is usually allotted to knitting or crocheting a lap blanket for charity. Weekends I have a little more time and that’s when I get into a quandary…… I knit? Or spin? Or sew? Or read? Or the dreaded words, clean house? Because obviously if I’m doing one, I’m not doing the other.

How do you allot time for each interest? When do you make time to blog or to enter information into Ravelry? For those of you who have kids, how do you do it?