Still spindle spinning

I will have to freely admit to my spinning enablers out there that I have been enjoying my spinning. June has been a horrible month at work, too many hours and add to that my long commute, makes for a very long day. More to the point, I was actually too tired to knit several evenings. I didn't want to think about a pattern at all. I got out the spindle and some fiber I purchased at the Dickson Fiber Festival and did this.

It has actually been quite relaxing, I know that's contrary to what I said a year ago, but I have grown to like it. Had I been smart, I would have practiced with the spindle before I took the wheel class, that way I would have had the drafting concept down. Strong recommendation to any of you who are contemplating spinning.

As for knitting, I am still working on the Ty Dy Cardigan, knit with Delicious. I'm also working on a Kicking Bag, it's a free pattern on Ravelry. Here is one from Ravelry, compliments of SarkaFarka:

The bag is knit a little narrow I think, so I will add some increases to make it a little wider so that their legs won't seem so confined. I'm knitting it in Sirdar Bamboo Baby.

Legendary Nashville Songwriter

You can see songwriter Billy Arr perform locally on piano here with a little backup singing too. The song: "A Night With Me" was written by Billy Arr and published by- Binoco Music BMI

Did I mention Billy Arr was my Dad? Yep, that's why we moved to Nashville in 1970 when I was a mere child of 11 1/2 years old. My dad has stayed true to his craft in the nearly 40 years of living in Music City. I respect his perseverance in this mighty tough industry. As much as the media touts the overnight successes, they don't show you all the hard work and years of playing in dives and playing on the road that so many musicians and writers have to endure, so my hat is off to all of you that have endured that life. My Dad has written many beautiful songs, many of which have never been recorded and heard on mainstream media, but they are forever embedded in my brain and in my heart. I love you Dad and you are still my favorite singer. Keep on writing.

Here are some "old" pictures of him in action. I'm sure he'll appreciate me putting these up on the internet.

This one is from the late 60's, a band he had while we lived in Topeka, KS. His baby brother, my Uncle Jack, was also in the band.

New cat in our midst?

As many of you probably know, the cat that adopted us about 2-3 years ago, Bosephus, has been gone for approx 2 months now. I don't know if he was dinner for one of the coyotes that live in them thar hills, or if he got hit by a car. He did like to roam in the evenings and at night. Since he's been gone, the mice have been plentiful and the moles have gone crazy making tunnels in the yard. DH and I had decided to find a female kitty that might be more inclined to stay around and not roam so much. One of our very distant neighbors had kittens back in February and we had about decided just to get one of his when they are old enough, maybe sometime in July.

As luck would have it, this one appeared today. We assume someone just dropped her in the country because we believe she is pregnant. At first we thought she had just had babies, but she's seems a little young, she's not a year old yet. So, we'll see if she sticks around. I've named her Callie because she's obviously a calico.

Where will it stop???

Now I'm needle felting animals???? Last weekend I was spinning? I bought a Cricket Loom at the Fiber Festival in order to weave? Where will it stop? When do I think I have time for all these fiber related activities? I've realized that my Wednesday lunch knitting group is full of know who you are. :-) Last Wednesday, Deb brought an adorable show and tell. They are so cute and tiny, she is holding them in her hands.

She let me borrow her book, Wool Pets, for the week.

Now, the cute little teddy bears she had are not in this book but since I already had felting needles at home, I went home that very evening and I made my own little bunny rabbit from the book. He's far from perfect but for my first attempt, I think he's cute.

Should he have had a pink nose? The book showed black but I think pink may have been cuter.
I've since done a little more shaping with the needle and his nose is not as pointy, but his tail is still too big and there are other flaws, but I love him nonetheless.

This weekend I have been making an excel spreadsheet with my stash and taking pictures of my stash. It will not be done in one weekend, I have waaaaayyyyyyy too much stash. Where did it all come from? I won't be loading it into Ravelry, uploading pictures on my slow internet connection takes too long, and in addition, if Ravelry or Blogspot goes away (as they always eventually do) I don't want to have to rush to try to get everything logged elsewhere. I will always have it in my spreadsheet and the pics on my external drive.