10 Intentions for 2011

One of the blogs I follow is Carole Knits. Every Tuesday she does a blog entry titled "10 on Tuesday". She has themes for other days of the week as well, but I'm always inspired by her 10 on Tuesday. I didn't read her blog entry until today so I'm a little late on posting one myself, but I thought it would be a good idea to post 10 Intentions for 2011 as well. Thanks Carole for your inspiration.

10 Intentions for 2011:
  1. Exercise more. Make it part of my routine rather than a chore. I have a recumbent bike that I like to ride, just need to make it part of my routine.
  2. Lose weight. I need to put this down on paper so I have to see it, to hold myself accountable.
  3. Find a job that I love.
  4. Knit from my stash.
  5. Knit or crochet more items for charity.
  6. Get my 35mm camera out of hibernation. Remove myself from my current state of point and shoot mode and start challenging mysef with monthly photo projects similar to what I used to do when I belonged to the Cobb Photographic Society in Marietta, GA. Great camera club. They actually have their contest projects online, so I may have to follow along. Good starting point.
  7. Practice my French. Since my Mom passed away I don't practice at all anymore. I used to get reinforcement from her because she would at least speak to me in french, that way I didn't lose my listening skills, but now, no reinforcements. Practice, practice, practice. Maybe join the Alliance Francaise?
  8. Continue to organize and declutter. I have done pretty well with that this past year and I have donated lots of bags to Goodwill already, but there is more to do. Keep up the decluttering.
  9. Write more letters to far away friends.
  10. Blog more often. I can blog more often right now since I'm not working, but once work starts up again, I need to keep it up at least weekly.

2010 is almost gone

While I was in Carlinville helping my brother pack to move back to TN, his neighbors took us to a little place in "downtown" Carlinville called Taylors Chili. (link) A very small place but you could tell that it was immensely popular with the locals. It's mostly known for it's Chili but they also have a Butter Bean soup which was to die for. You could also get Butter Bean Soup "with". Now for those of us in the South, "with" is usually followed by the "what". So in the case above, we would have said Butter Bean Soup with a scoop of chili. However, the Menu just said With. The difference in the language was quickly forgotten because when you placed a spoonful of the "Butter Bean Soup with" in your mouth, it was divine. Thanks to Rich, Judy, Tom and Nancy for turning us on to that place. It was great meeting all of you and also enjoying Judy's fabulous lasagne. And oh by the way, they ship their product, so go check out their link.

It's hard to believe that 2010 is almost over. Every year around this time of year I buy my new "paper" calendar and love the ritual of transferring some data from the old paper calendar to the new one. I don't know why I love that ritual, I just do. Maybe it's because it allows me to reflect on the year, what I've accomplished and sadly those items that fell short in my planning. For the most part it was a productive year. I then review the paper calendar and I use Excel to record Events that occurred that DH and I may need to remember, such as replacing A/C, a new TV, a little road trip, etc.. You'd be surprised when you review the list of events at a later date, you say out loud....."what, we did that 6 years ago? I thought it was only 2 years ago. Time flies........

In my calendar, I also keep a list of current projects on the needles as well as a list of Future Projects. Throughout the year, I may lose interest in some of the items I have on the Future Projects list and those don't get transferred to the new calendar, but they stay on the list for a year anyway, so I have plenty of time to decide whether they will get made or not. When I reviewed the running list of Current Projects on the Needles, I was happy to see that most of them had been completed in 2010. Some projects I start and finish quickly enough that they never make it to my list on the paper calendar, but they are either recorded in Ravelry or my Task List in Outlook.

My list of completed projects in 2010 that I can document so far:
  1. Comfy Cape - Pabiche
  2. Potato Chip Scarf - Mini Mochi
  3. Potato Chip Scarf - Plymouth Kudos
  4. Ishbel
  5. Amanda Hat (2)
  6. Darkside Cowl
  7. Wham Bam Cowl (2)
  8. Owl Cowl & Neckwarmer
  9. Storm Could Shawlette #1
  10. Dog Sweater for Gizmo
  11. Ankle Warmers for Michael
  12. Aston Baby Hat and Booties for Elsa
  13. Log Cabin Lapghan for charity
  14. Preemie blankets for charity
  15. Baby Surprise Jacket and Onesie for Henri
  16. Multnomah Shawl
  17. Garter Yoke Baby Cardigan
  18. Baktus (2)
I won't have my new laptop for a couple of weeks yet so I can't upload any photos to post.

Merry Christmas to all

My nearly 10 year old laptop died on Thursday with no warning. I sure wasn't ready for that. My DH has ordered a new laptop for me but I won't get it until somewhere between the 10th and 15th of January. I am borrowing his laptop today to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
It is snowing here, although no accumulation, but it's kind of fun to say we had a white Christmas, a rare occasion in the south.

I'm preparing a pork loin roast for our dinner but if you are doing the traditional festive dinner, enjoy your turkey and I hope you get some time to sit down and knit a few rows.

Nostepinnes.......or the lack thereof

My Wish List has a Nostepinne on it, however, I have been using several items as makeshift Nostepinnes to wind my yarn by hand. (I have a ball winder, but I prefer the balls wound by hand) So, my makeshift Nostepinnes range from smooth flashlights to large knitting needles and now I'm using this. I almost always have one in my purse, so it's perfect!

You ready to see????

A perfect center-pull yarn.
I know this is a small ball of yarn, but I do 100 gr skeins of purchased yarn all the time. The above is a single ply merino that I spun on my Schacht Spindle. I'll probably use it to make a lavender sachet.

Thanks to a fellow Raveler in the Spindle group, they mentioned using a container they bought at the dollar store to ply their yarn. I found mine in my hobby room and I used it to wind my yarn. So much easier than what I've done before. Have I mentioned I love Ravelry? So many knowledgable people out there with all kinds of helpful tips and tricks.
I leave you with some scenes from yesterday. It's still so cold that the snow is staying around, although today the snow looks a little more patchy. We are supposed to get ice this afternoon and tonight so it will be much more treacherous than what we had on Sunday and Monday. Almost anyone can drive in snow if they have to, but even experts can't drive on ice.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

All total through last night we got about 4-4.5 inches. After it started snowing around 11 Am yesterday, it snowed all day, it may have ended around midnight. It was really pretty and I didn't have to get out and drive in it. My fridge and pantry are stocked, we have electricity and water, so we were good to stay in.

When I heard on the news about how many wrecks there were, I wonder how many of those people really had to be out in it. What could possibly have been so important that they risk their lives, the lives of other people, and possibly risk losing the only car they have either by it being in the shop or a total loss. Seriously, what could be so important?

I was watching one of my cats yesterday attack the snow on the deck. It was hilarious. I tried to take a video of it but when she saw me with the camera she would stop. It really was fun to watch.

Here's a picture from this morning.

My heart goes out to Minneapolis and to Iowa and other parts of the country bombarded with snow

Have I mentioned that I like living in the South? Other than the hot, sticky, humid summers, I really do appreciate living in the south, especially when you see what snow can do to parts of the country that seem to attract it.

Can you imagine the Metrodome roof collapsing? Did those engineers not realize that this stadium was being built in Minnaepolis? How could they not have designed that roof to be able to handle a mere 20 inches of snow or more for that matter? I mean seriously, it's Minneapolis!!!

We are getting some snow in middle Tennessee. They predicted 1-2 inches and we still have a 100% chance of snow (it's already almost 11 AM) and you can see what we have. I'm not thinking we'll get 1-2 inches, but the day isn't over yet.

UPDATED PICS at 12:30:

On to knitting: I've got the back done of the Patches Sweater. I first blogged about it here. I've finished the first strip of the front and moving on.

I've still got other projects on the needles and those are slogging along too.
Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my warm comfy house and watching it snow and doing a little knitting.
For those of you with bad weather, stay inside if at all possible and be safe.

Finished projects modeled by recipients

The package was received by my brother. He took pictures of the finished projects on the recipients themselves.

First up, the small dog sweater for Giz. He's already been taken for a walk wearing his little coat. I originally blogged about it here. Isn't he adorable? It fits him perfectly!

The other item up is the set of ankle warmers. He says they are perfect except he wants them longer. In asking more questions, he wants them to come up over his calves, which makes them leg warmers rather than just ankle warmers. I misunderstood the first time. I bought 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios so I will make the second pair longer. The width was good at 60 stitches and a 2x2 ribbing.

Spittin' snow flakes

Yep, that's all it was doing, spittin'. It was fun to see though. If you stayed outside long enough it looked like you had dandruff on your shoulders. As my DH likes to say, "it's cold as a witch's titty out there". Now how he knows how cold a witch's titty is I have no idea, but he loves to say that and the funny part is I know what he means.

Our new heat pump/AC that we HAD to buy this summer is working great. It's keeping us toasty and since they re-routed some of the ducts under the house, it's a much more even heat throughout the house, so we're good! I have a stocked pantry so if we were to get snowed in, it's all good!

A dear friend of mine in Atlanta FINALLY had her baby, a week late. We knew it was a girl but the name was being kept secret until she arrived. They have named her Anna. I have a special package being mailed on Monday to the new mom. The sweater I had made last year but held on to it until I could give it to someone special. I just added the buttons and I love them. The yarn color is a beautiful salmon color but it's hard to get that color to come out on the pics. The hat and booties I made this week with Sirdar Flirt, a bamboo/wool combination. I finally filed my unemployment application. I've never done that in my whole life, it was weird going through the process. Hopefully, it won't last too long after the first of the year.

Saturday morning we must have had 50+ turkeys in the back. I took the picture through the window so it's a lilttle hard to see. I zoomed in on the groups separately because they were spread out into 3 different groups. I know we have a lot of turkeys out here, I've just never seen that many at one time. (need to click on the picture to make it bigger to see them better)
Love it out here!!!!

My first winter cold, as in sniffles

Horrible time to be feeling ill, but DH got it first, then gave it to me. argh! I think I'm finally on the road to recovery but it's a long process. I actually slept through the night (almost) last night. In all the waking hours though, it has provided some fruitful knitting time, albeit with maybe one eye shut. :-)

I finished knitting the Multnomah. It needs a quick bath and a block but this is it before blocking.
I also started the cute Patches Baby Sweater from the new Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders Book. I like the projects in this book, but what I don't like about this book in comparison to the other One-Skein books, is that is doesn't have a "picture page" of all the projects in the book, you have to go to each pattern to see the picture of what's in the book. Now while that may be good for the editor and the patterns in that it forces you to look at each page, it's not good for when the knitter wants to find something quick to knit. Probably just comes from being spoiled on the other one-skein books, but I liked and enjoyed that feature. Oh, sorry for my rambling, back to the sweater. It's knit in strips but after you knit the first one, you attach them to the first strip as you knit the 2nd strip, etc. You can see what I've done here.

I'm using Paton's Kroy Sock yarn. Not particularly enjoying the striping effect at the moment, but I'll deal with it as an experiment.

As to a finished project, the Ankle Warmers that I knit for my brother. They were shipped off to him on Monday. He wears Crocs without socks and said his ankles were getting cold and wanted something to keep his ankles warm. Hence, an easy 2x2 rib for easy fitting in the wonderful washable Malabrigo Rios (love this stuff).
This is me modeling them at the moment, I hope to replace this picture of one with my brother modeling.
I also started another Capelet. This is in the Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn that I purchased at half price with the big blowout sale at my LYS. Love that store!!!!!